empowerment rituals


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- Icofa/Mano Arula Ceremony for Connection to Orunmila/Arula. Same ceremony for men & women…both receive full reading and 18 ikin.


- Receive your physical Ori and restore your Destiny!

- Initiation as a priest of Esu/Eleggua, Osun/Oshun, Yemonja, Obatala, Oko, Oya, Ogun, Sango/Chango, Ososi/Ochosi as well as others.


IFA INITIATION  - Initiation as a male or female priest of Ifa.

SHEDDING - Remove the negative energy of abuse and spiritual actions.



CONCEPTION - Pregnancy preparation rituals.



MARRIAGE - Wedding Day Ceremony.








For Women:

NANA BUUKEN - (click to contact Iyanifa Vassa for further information)



For Men:

IGBA IWA-OLOFI - The Calabash of existence - the highest level for a male Ifa priest.

For the advanced: 

OGUN - receive your Ogun knife (For Ritual Work as an Initiated Priest Only).



The Ifa Foundation offers individuals, for the first time, the opportunity of genuine initiation in either the traditional system utilizing animal sacrifice, or through an equally powerful, yet bloodless Orisha or Ifa initiation!

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To learn more about any of our ceremonies or initiations, please contact Iyanifa Vassa by clicking here or reaching us toll free at 1.800.906.4322

*All deposits/donations provided towards ceremonies or initiation are non-refundable within two weeks of your scheduled ceremony or initiation.