divination training

For over 35 years, the Ifa Foundation has pioneered the teaching of Ifa Divination to its initiates. Now, this same Original African Methodology is available to others. Whether you have been initiated into Ifa , Santeria or Lucumi, you can learn the principals, and the practical practice, of Original African readings. In addition, you will learn the lost wisdom of Afolabi Epega, as well as the modern influences on the ancient Odu.

It does not matter if you were initiated in Africa, Cuba or the United States. If you are tired of the constant secrecy and discrimination, that should have no part in Ifa Divination, or simply lost the ability to connect with those who initiated you, these courses are for you.
They include:
Basic African Divination

We will take it from the beginning! Need to learn that all 256 Odu determine the “yes” or “no” answer to every question? How to correctly identify Ire and Ibi (Osorgbo)? Correctly identify a persons Life Path (Guardian Angel) as well as there Primary Guardian ancestor? All these and much much more will be covered during this Divination Training. At the successful conclusion of your training, you will receive a certificate of competence from the Ifa Foundation International.

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Divination! Women’s Path to Empowerment
Surprised women can divine? For thousands of years, up to the present time, Africans have initiated Female Priests known as Iyanifa, into Ifa. Now for all who have met such resistance in our society, finally there is a path Specifically for women! However, it is the inherent differences in men and women…not just in ability…that make this course a necessity. Taught by Iyanifa Vassa, a female Ifa priest for 15 years, this course covers all the same things as the Basic Divination course, but adds  the understanding and empowerment of the female Ifa priest!

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Master Class Divination

For those who have learned the basics of Ifa Divination, the Master Class takes it from there. Based on the teachings of the late Afolabi Epega, and the practical work, and discoveries, of Oluwo Philip John Neimark, an Ifa priest since 1974, this course is designed for the Ifa priest ready to go to the next level.
Classes available in Spanish
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