first steps to empowerment

The single most important thing for “Getting Started” would be the Itefa, or Life Path Reading. It is this reading that was performed for EVERY Yoruba child between the 3rd & 7th day of their life. By identifying their Life Path (energies) , the primary Orisa/Orisha they had selected to most effectively achieve this Path, their primary Ancestor who would join them on their journey, plus much more, it provided the roadmap for the child’s greatest success in achieving their Destiny. It is, in essence, the user’s manual for your life.

While most of us were not able to have this done during the first week of our life, after more than 30 years, the Foundation finds itself doing this increasingly for new born children whose parents, like me, were grown adults before we received our own. For specific information click here.

The second most valuable tool is standard divination. A standard divination is a magnified examination of the client’s current life, and is used to identify any imbalances that need addressing as well as give answers to specific questions the client wants to address. Click here to learn more.

Additional Personal Empowerment

These are areas for you strengthening your own matrix and personal empowerment

DAILY -  START YOUR DAY WITH A PRAYER TO ORUNMILA - There is a suggested one in the book “The Way of the Orisa” - you could use this as a guide and then add parts that you feel compelled to - remember to keep it simple and clear.

DAILY -  SPEND SOME TIME WITH THE ORISA OF THE DAY - You will find the information for this also in our book. This helps you start to build a relationship with each energy. Go slow and learn to “listen” not simply “ask.”. You may start to build small altars to each as you go.

MONTHLY - ANCESTOR WORSHIP - This is a very powerful experience for everyone.  


There is no substitute for guided experience. Several times per year we conduct hands on Workshops for your empowerment. We post the dates on the site calendar along with a general view of what to expect. We do these at our retreat, Ola Olu in Central Florida, within the Sacred Orisa Gardens where so many people have had life changing experiences.


There are many tools available to help in specific areas during your journey, but remember

All Spiritual Tools are Not Created Equal!

There are four components that combine to produce a powerful Spiritual tool:

1.    The tool must be consecrated with ritual and specificity to the person receiving it

2.    The tool will always reflect the world view of the priest constructing it. If the priest believes women are less worthy than men, that certain races or nationalities’ are better than others, that one sexual preference is better than another, the tool will reflect that in its energy.

3.    The tool will be as powerful as the wisdom and experience of the priests that construct it. Each living tool that we offer represents more than 60 years of current experience, and ase’

4.    The energy that the priest connects to in order to infuse the tool reflects the intermediate point of connection. This intermediate point, or physical Orisa, reflects all of the above plus it’s own accumulated ase’ (eternal energy). Each tool we offer reflects the ase’ of the only complete Sacred Orisa Gardens in the Western Hemisphere. Gardens where literally thousands of ceremonies, ebbos and offerings have produced the most intense energy vortex within the physical Orisa, allowing our intermediate connection to transfer this level of intensity to your personal tool.

These tools include:

  • Your own personal Esu/Ellegua -  click here
  • There is also Esu for each Orisa - such as Esu/Ogun, Esu/Osun, etc. There is an Esu/Sigidi for protection and a traveling Esu - click here
  • ICOFA/Cofa/Mano Arula – One hand of Orunmila/Arula -  identical for men and women in the African tradition. - click here
  • Ancestots/ Egun - click here
  • Orunmila/Arula - click here
  • Orisa/Orisha - click here
  • Ori – click here
  • Custom Tools - click here

Iyanifa Vassa is available to create tools customized specifically for you. Contact her by clicking here or calling us toll free at 1.800.906.4322