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No More Fear - part 3

There is a third part of our series on "No More Fear"...and it has to do with the reaction, behavior and character of the Ifa priest. We all know fine , good character Ifa priests. We all know dishonest, bad character Ifa Priests. Most of us know examples of both.  Some of us will be controlled by fear. Some of us will be controlled by ignorance. Yet, most of us will select our path with no knowledge of what is possible...with what was meant to be the Ifa World View.

Ifa was never meant to frighten or create fear in its clients or adherents. Indeed, the Yoruba were a happy people. Their understanding that there was no Devil is evidence of that.  Equally, there recognition that you must have both positive and negative energy in all things, showed their practical side. They understood the difference between negative energy and a negative force.  Negative energy could be coped with, balanced, negated; while a negative force, with a power equal to Olodumare, would be constantly battled throughout their lifetimes. 

The Christian missionaries made their world view predominant. Worse, they made the possibility of living a happy, fulfilled life almost impossible. It permeated the Priests and the people. It made you believe you could not have a worthwhile life.

We could go on and on...but to us the hope is in bringing the results of our work to you in  a non-frightening, enlightened, good character path for people to enjoy and to share.  Our results, as they apply to divination, are a combination of the way Ifa used to be conducted, combined with the expertise of navigating through today's world. The individual who seeks divination through a priest trained and initiated at the ifa Foundation, will find it a positive experience. They will find it an examination of the energies that can honestly bring them the happiness, fulfillment and health they seek. The specter of death and of loss are replaced with a genuine look at their Destiny, Health, Success, Relationships, Family and Victory over difficulties. A look at how to improve what is happening and  to rectify mistakes that have been made.  It is this understanding that life can be positive if we leave our fear behind.

Our Weekly Ifascope will reflect this original worldview, and our personal divination will cement it.

We invite you to find what life was like before people were manipulated by their fear. How the belief (a Yoruba concept) in this as a glorious world can bring us the love, success, health and  family we desire. Only then will we begin to appreciate the words of IrosuWori:  "Let's do things with joy! Those that wish to go may go. Those who wish to return may return. Definitely, human beings have been chosen to bring good fortune to the world...Orunmila said: The good position is the world. A world in which there will be full knowledge of all things, joy everywhere...without the fear of death."


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