Inner Circle:

Oluwo Fagbamila (Philip John Neimark) Founder of the Ifa Foundation of North America, Inc. Author of the best selling The Way of the Orisa- HarperCollins Publishers, co-author The Sacred Ifa Oracle- HarperCollins Publishers. CEO of the Ifa Foundation for over 35 years.







Iyanifa Olufadeke (Vassa) Co-Founder of the Ifa Foundation of North America, Inc. Priest of Ogun and Ifa. Nana Buuken priest as well as Artist & Healer. Advocate for Women's role in Ifa. Board Member.













Oluwo Ifaraba (Hermes Torres) - In 1998 he was initiated into the priesthood of Obatala in Elizabeth, New Jersey. In the year 2001 by recommendation of his guardian Orisa Obatala he traveled to Ile-Ife, Nigeria to receive Itefa by his elders Yeye Araba Agaye Dr. D’Haifa Odufora Ifatoogun and the Araba Agbaye Aworeni Awoyemi Adesa.  In 2006 as part of his personal commitment to Ifa he returned to Nigeria and receives initiation into Egungun, Egbe and Iya Mis. Along with his work and continued study of the Ifa/Orisa Tradition Ifaraba has conducted workshops on Ancestral Communication, the Ifa/Orisa Tradition, Ori, and Ifa Meditation. Ifaraba brings to his Ifa work a diverse knowledge of healing and spiritual philosophies and modalities. Scholar



Oluwo Ifafore (David Graham) Priest of Oya and Ifa, initiated bloodlessly. Businessman, conservationist, surfer and art enthusiast. With over 15 years experience in various spiritual paradigms, Ifafore is one of the pioneers of "bloodless" Ifa, as well as an active teacher/mentor and an active environmentalist. Scholar









Oluwo Ifatokun Born in Surinam and lived in Curacao until the age of 15. Glenn has resided in the Netherlands for the past 35 years.  Following 25 years in the financial industry, Glenn chose to follow his passion for healing others. Director








Fajuitan (Javier Lujan)

is a long time Ifa scholar and supporter of the Ifa Foundation. He was first initiated as an Osun priest in 1996 and subsequently became the first openly Gay Babalawo 4 years later.  

Javier started on this spiritual quest as a young man but it wasn't until he came across the Ifa Foundation that he finally felt at ease to learn more about IFA and continues to grow spiritually.  "The Ifa Foundation was the right fit for me because it did not only valued diversity but it was also devoid of fears and superstitions".  "The teachings are true to IFA as it has been handed down from generation after the next, yet remain pragmatic and contemporary to make it applicable to our current world view". In charge of all web development. Scholar