iya vassa's corner

Iya Vassa has, over the last 25 years, been a powerful voice for women’s empowerment in orisa/orisha worship. She has also been the driving force, artist and sculptor responsible for the the sacred Orisa/Orisha gardens at the Foundation’s retreat, Ola Olu in central Florida. She has also honed her inherent gift for healing with the ancient energies of Ifa to produce a series of cleansing, and empowering, hands on rituals that have produced almost miraculous results. One of the first women to be initiated as an Ifa priest in North America, as Co-founder, with her husband, Oluwo Philip Neimark, of the Ifa Foundation of North and Latin America, inc., Vassa has been part of the pioneering battle to achieve genuine equality for Women in Western Culture, as it was designed by the ancient African Yoruba founders of the philosophy. In her Iya’s Corner she offers her personal insights and experience to help guide both men and women to empowerment and their personal Destiny.