We started the year with the Odu of IreteBara showing up as our road map of 2012. This would mean different things for each person seeking. For those that were already initiated... we knew we had to really go in a little deeper with our Ifa work. We needed to do more for our own lives and then go out and help others. For those that were interested in Initiation... this is the year to go for it and put your foot on the pedal to get here. For those that are just starting their journey of seeking knowledge about Ifa... this is the perfect year for gaining more wisdom & connection. Taking the action of exploring your curious thoughts with what you find yourself passionate about is a wonderful course to take... especially in 2012.

Alignment is the most effective key for the best flow!

It is my destiny path to share the knowledge... give the creative ideas... and open the paths and roads for everyone that seeks so they can each become empowered to do this for themselves.

And... I love doing it. I love Ifa-ing! This year, I moved with the messages that were given along with the divinations performed and created 4 really powerful tools for the 2012 alignment. This year people were able to have something unique to work with... it is this very cool dried cactus walking stick. We did 4 big rituals with this... triangulating a combination of Orunmila energy, Esu energy. Obatala energy and a overlay of Ela energy. Talk about empowerment! We had the opportunity to create these staffs over the past 6 months for people all over the globe to be able to use... and the feedback of how each of these staffs brought something special to each person’s life brings me such fulfillment... just knowing that when you do things from the heart they mean so much to the recipient.

I care so much about what I do and how I can most effectively help someone bring the changes they need and desire. From clearing their obstacles in their minds and daily lives... to enlightening them with special pieces of knowledge that empower them to opening up doorways for them to walk through and be more.

Now as I stand facing July head on... I am clearing my Ori... refreshing it and getting aligned for the second part of what I can experience of 2012‘s map. I am also reflecting and writing from this position and getting the full use of what I just learned. I am allowing myself to let go of what needs to go and make space for all the new blessings that are coming. We need room! In regards to the retreat and the sacred spiritual gardens... why not join me in this idea!

Here is an update on the gardens... As you can see below... the Labyrinth of the 256 Odu’s is very healthy. All of the 300 plants are taking off and elevating to the sky... and thanks to all those that were so kind and thoughtful to send your supportive donations... we continue to nurture the gardens with special gifts. Everyone is invited to come and walk it and let me do a special reading for you afterwards.

For those that want to donate... I am making special necklaces with the sacred garden inside a glass sphere pendant as a gift.

Come and let me show you how to become a labyrinth walker and get in touch with your center! Amazing experience for all.

The energy of Ela is amazing too. I took this photo the other day to share with you...so you could print it off and enjoy it in your space. It is truly a place to sit and get messages and heal. We encourage people to lean back on Ela’s body and absorb the ase inside. Being under the 6 arms is powerful. There are two that are reaching to the sky to take in and download the gifts... and then two of the others are facing inwards so that that information is received inside... and then the other two are for sharing all of that with another.

You know everyone is welcome to come to Ola Olu. You can come just for a day... or stay the whole weekend. You can stay for a Workshop or a Ceremony of Empowerment. You can come to heal something... learn more about the path of Ifa...or simply to experience the potent energy matrix’s.

The retreat is about 1 hour from Daytona Beach. And 1.5 hours from Orlando. People come from all over the world and bring a special rock to leave in the ancestor circle... this is a way we can unite all humans.

Feel free to contact me for more info on Ela.

The Oluwo and I are proud to announce that our son Dashiel is now more active with the Ifa Foundation. He just graduated College and is already sharing his talents with us. He was born and raised in Ifa! We had his little foot in the Opon on his third day of life... getting his Guardian Orisa reading and Life Path Odu. And of course the next day...his father was creating his special Esu. It was truly a blessing for us all. He has walked with this knowledge and we have been able to support the shape of his Ori with this knowledge. We do see more and more families coming to Ifa and wanting to align everyone to live a rich life.

Ase...this is when Dashiel was about 2. He loved working with his father and especially talking with Esu. Of course now he is 6’2” and has all his teeth!

We have a few new things to tell you about below.