For those not familiar, the “Icofa” (hand of Orunmila) is a spiritual tool that consists of 16 Ikin (palm nuts) and allows the Ifa student to deepen their relationship with Orunmila in order to gain greater insights and wisdom. Each of us has a unique spiritual path that we must follow, and it benefits us tremendously to approach life lessons and challenges with greater wisdom and awareness than to stumble upon them half-hazard. That is why Orunmila is known to protect us from “death before our time” for we are able to approach challenges with wisdom.  If you have the “Icofa”, this reading is for you.

Icofa Reading for December 2018 

Discussion is always better than an argument. One has a discussion to find out WHAT is correct. One argues to find out WHO is correct

With the holidays upon us, we’ll be spending more time with family and friends, and we’ll likely encounter people with strong opinion and beliefs. Ifa warns that it would be to our detriment to engage in quarrels now, so we must rely on our wisdom and common sense to avoid getting drag into one. Remember that there’s a fine line between a discussion and an argument, can you tell the difference? If you can’t, don’t get involved.

This month we’re under the influence of “Ọ̀kànràn Òtúrá”, a sign that calls for more tolerance and moderation, but while you may possess these qualities, others may not. The indication is that we’ll go Off Path (Òtúrá Idi) is we don’t navigate these interactions wisely. The implication is that it could be very disruptive, with loss of honor and respect in our relationships with our family and friends (Ogbè Òtúrúpọ̀n).

Ọ̀kànràn came out on the temporal side, the part of us that we are fully conscious of. It speaks of maintaining harmony between the heart and mind, without it, we cannot have inner peace on a subconscious level, our emotional and spiritual side as indicated by Òtúrá.

Make an offering of Honey (Ìdí Òfún) to sweeten the relationships with your family and friends so that love and harmony predominate all your interactions.

Light a white candle and place a clear glass of spring water.  Take the 16 Ikin into the cusp of your hands, share your breath by blowing on them three times, then bring them up to your forehead and silently say a prayer to Orunmila. Then make the Ebbo by rubbing the honey on the 16 Ikin. Most people with an Icofa have extra Ikin, so separately rub the honey on the remaining Ikin.

Love and Blessings!  Javier Lujan {Oluwo Ifajuitan}

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"What is the purpose of receiving your Icofa?

The answer is: This single hand of Ọ̀rúnmìlà, which is EXACTLY the same for either men or women, is a direct conduit to the energy of the Òrìṣà of divination.  The energy of Ọ̀rúnmìlà might be equated to the General Practioner in medicine - It is Ọ̀rúnmìlà’s knowledge of all that was and all that will be, that imparts a tremendous insight and power to those connected to it.  Other Òrìṣàs are more specific in their areas of energy, more like the specialists in medicine.  Because Ifa is so intimately connected with balance in our lives, the energy and wisdom of Ọ̀rúnmìlà is essential to achieve this...for only this overview can place the various parts in their correct order.

As the years roll by, and they have definitely done so, I become more and more convinced that, other than dealing with those emergency issues of our life (e.g. illness, legal problems, new job, new birth etc.), that we are best served by paying the most attention to the broader, longer range divinations that impact our lives.  First and foremost is your Life-Path Reading, which is the template for understanding ALL future readings with the exception of Òrìṣà or Ifa initiation. Second, would be the monthly indications of your Icofa.

Each month gives us an accurate idea of just how we should consider, act upon, and react to the events of our everyday life. Many times, these events will seem to contradict those things we are attempting to do ...but such is NEVER the case. These are the implications, in a broader sense, of the meaning of events as they impact, or could impact, your everyday life.





At theend of the dayI’m at peace because my intentionsare good and my heart is pure” –unknown.

Peace of mind is atthe source our happiness so I’m delighted that themonth ofJun2017brings the promise of improving health for our bodiesand minds.  The Oducast is “Ika Otura” and speaks of rebirth, reset or a fresh start. It signals a change in fortune (“Ose Iwori”), for the better because anytime we’re not stuck and are moving, we’re living life!... there’s a strong emphasis on health (“Otura Meji”) indicating harmony. The Ebbo (offering) to Orunmila is Fruit (“Otura Meji”). Whenever a reading calls for fruit, it’s a reminder to rest and enjoy the harvest. In the context of this reading, it’s signifies that an old cycle is ending and new growing cycle is starting up.

This is a good time to have some “Me” time - quality time by yourself to recharge your energies.

Light a tea candle and place a clear glass of cool water next to Orunmila. Take out the 16 Ikin in your hands, place the fruit in front of Orunmila and pray for inner peace and harmony