Obatala GardenObatala energy is the essence of Clarity!
Within the myriad of kaleidoscopic energies that comprise our universe, the energy of Clarity is critically important.

It is Clarity that allows us to make the right decisions, to differentiate right from wrong and perhaps most importantly, to see the other energies as they truly are!

All the tales, or pataki, of Obatala, are designed to illuminate this reality. Obatala is always referred to as The Orisa of the white cloth. White, in this sense, forms a perfect background for correctly seeing and identifying that which is around you.

White is also viewed as a sign of purity, but, too often, thanks to the pernicious Christian Missionary influence on our philosophy, this idea of purity has religious or moral implications. Instead, purity is another aspect of Clarity for this energy is unblemished, pure in its ability to discern. The moral judgment of Obatala is not based on this sense of Christian purity, but rather on this energies absolute ability to see clearly the total spectrum of energies or issues involved.

Obatala is often seen as the Wise Old Man. Again, age and wisdom are simply representative aspects of increased clarity and judgment. Obatala is seen as the King of the Orisa. Again, this is not a power struggle or ego issue, this is simply a way of pointing out that Clarity of purpose, destiny and behavior will always take precedence when confusion or disagreement exists.

Obatala is also viewed as the Judge. How else, except through perfect clarity, can one make the proper judgment? Indeed, the tales of Obatala's fall from grace, many of which have a lingering odor of Christian doctrine, nevertheless, are simply more examples of the necessity of clarity and the need for keeping it pure.

Obatala is said to have been the Molder of men. What more important aspect in our creation could be the imparting of Clarity into our being? When drinking too much Palm Wine dulled that Clarity, Obatala is said to have created deformed and handicapped people. This is pictured as his "fall from grace." As I have said, this has a particularly noxious Christian odor, but the point that the tale attempts to correctly tell is that anything that dulls or corrupts our ability to remain clear can have disastrous results!

That Red Palm oil is never placed on Obatala is another example of this. The Pure clarity must remain clear and unblemished. That Obatala represents the Head is consistent. It is from our mind that Clarity will come forth.

Each and every tale is simply a way of expressing Oludumare's creation of this essential energy the energy of Clarity. Without it, we go stumbling forth, often failing to fulfill our destiny. Obatala's creation is essential because all other energies need this clarity to express them properly. You need this clarity to utilize all other energies in ways that will be productive and fulfilling to your life.

For the Obatala child the expression and use of this primary energy is complex. The Obatala child will see a world of black and white. No Gray. To an Obatala child things are either right or wrong there is no middle ground.

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