How Our Sacred Gardens are key to you obtaining any and all of these blessings...



As an Oluwo in the Ancient path of Ifa, I have practiced, and studied, for over 4 decades. My wife, Iya Vassa and I have learned, and I teach, that a diviner was historically a Seer... an individual who saw into the cracks and crevices of the Universe, and through those glances achieved the balance and understanding of the interrelationship between past, present and future... between client and problem, between individuals and the community and the planet we share. that all must be understood, and included to make the settlement of their problem is lasting and meaningful.


Our Sacred Gardens

Our relationship with plants is probably the most significant way in which we each can feel the power and beauty of the planet. It is interesting that “plant” and “planet” are so closely connected. From ancient times our great great grandmothers would grow and harvest the plants which their grandmothers has used and passed on from generation to generation. But, that connection was basically lost. The “root woman” of the past slowly disappeared. Our Sacred Garden combines three necessary components for energized plants. 1. Hundreds of initiations are carried out utilizing the ase' of all the individuals who visit Ola Olu, either for enlightenment or initiation. 2. Prayer and thanks are given the plants which provide us their power. 3. The plants and the soil originated in West Africa and our intent is always to honor and include them. When crafting solutions, the process of divination will point out the plant, or combination, most potent for the solution. It will be thanked and included in the process.



Our departed blood relatives comprise the third critical factor in connecting with what is possible, and what will do no harm. Our philosophy believes our ancestors are ALWAYS accessible to us, and that by designated prayer, as well as comfort to, and offerings, our ancestors will join in the process and help us to create the perfect ebbo (solution) for the clients problems. We will also provide the necessary prayers and offerings for you to continue to receive your ancestral help for as long as necessary. Without these three components, there is no total understanding, no long term solutions, and no solutions that will give you the results you seek WITHOUT harming others. We see, quite clearly, that short term solutions, or solutions which try and control others, are based on a feeling of controlling the Universe... ours is a process of awakening the individual to the genuine functioning of the Universe and allowing not only for solutions, but for going forward on our paths in a myriad of ways.

You may participate on any level, from visitor to initiate... but be assured each and every avenue will reward you with an understanding of how this world used to work... and how it can work again!


New way of working with the Orisha! 


The Ifa Foundation has, for almost 40 years, pioneered many of the logical rules that had been misplaced during the diaspora. Most important was the drive to give women and gay men, equal rights to this beautiful philosophy. Female Iyanifa's, identical ceremonies for the Icofa, correct reading of the opele and Opon, plus a host of other “restorations.” Now, after years of planning, and ongoing development, we are pioneering the next step for working with the Orisha and Ancestors.


Step One: The Sacred Orisha Gardens


What are sacred spiritual gardens?
In African philosophy, genuine Spiritual Gardens represent the intermediate point of connection between human and Orisha (Eternal energies created by God). This intermediate point, or physical Orisha, reflects its own accumulated ase’ (eternal energy), as well as the energy of EVERY prayer and offering that has ever been made to it. The Sacred Orisha Gardens at Ola Olu, the only complete Sacred Orisha Gardens in the Western Hemisphere, where literally thousands of ceremonies, ebbos and offerings have taken place, have accumulated the most intense energy vortex within the physical Orisha, allowing your own potent connection and empowerment to take place.

Now you can take advantage of these gardens for initiations,ebbo's and sacred tools, either by visiting the gardens, by having our DUALITY of Ebbo – meaning that YOUR ebbo is offered through the appropriate Orisha Garden AS WELL as by a physical ebbo given to you for your invoking the Orisha whenever you feel the need. In this way you elevate your solutions to include not only your own, and our ase', but the ase' of the thousands of people who have offered through the gardens previously... and in the future... and, if you desire, you are invited to come down to the Sacred Orisha Gardens, anytime during the year, and Vassa will show you where your offering is, teach you how to pray in accordance with the offering and also show you the prayers that you have made, or others, at ALL the gardens... it’s a great opportunity. If you select to do your offering from your home, with placement in the gardens, the offer is open to you year round.


Step Two: Igba Iwa


The Spiritual underpinning of who you are dealing with is enormously important! What at the time seemed an almost miraculous accident The Ifa Foundation came into possession of the personal Igba Iwa of Afolabi Epega’s, Grandfather, the Patriarch Epega, who had been one of Bascomb's primary informants. At the time Afolabi had been visiting us from New York and had brought the Igba by train to our home to help in the initiation ceremony of yet another Ifa priest. Following the ceremony Afolabi was eager to go on to a meeting he had in New Orleans, and did not have the time to take a train. He strongly believed you could not fly with the Igba Iwa. We had spoken of his creating an Igba for the Foundation earlier, when suddenly he turned to me and asked: “Would you want the Igba of my Grandfather for the Foundation?” “We would be honored!” I replied.” And so, the Ifa Foundation became the home for the Patriarch Epega's personal Igba Iwa...and joined us forever, at a level that transcended the temporal – to the Epega bloodline. Every instrument, initiation, ebbo we conduct comes from this Igba and as such connects you to it, and a direct bloodline generations ago in Africa!

As all such powerful implements are “born” from the accumulated energy of an older implement, every Igba created at the Ifa Foundation relies upon the more than a century of accumulated spiritual energy contained in the Patriarch’s original Igba Iwa.

These two seminal differences, plus our almost 40 years of personal exploration and Orisha work, define us.




About Us:


When we began our journey, almost 40 years ago, we were motivated - probably much like you are - from a combination of need, curiosity, and dissatisfaction with what Western spirituality seemed to offer. When we first encountered the Orisha, there was virtually no Ifa in America - only Santeria/Lucumi. So, Santeria/Lucumi was the initial path that we took.  It soon became clear that we had simply traded the fear and dependency created by Western religions for an Afro/Cuban world view that mirrored those traits. When we asked questions, we were told that we were either not ready, being insolent, or that it was a “secret”.  When we objected to the racial, sexual, and gender discriminations that surfaced, we were told that the Orisha would punish us. Despite this, we resonated to the power and beauty of the Orisha, leading us to begin a journey to find its roots and its relevancy to our lives.

That journey resulted in re-discovering Ifa in the original African Tradition, and the founding of the Ifa Foundation of North America. Our books "The Way of the Orisa" (HarperCollins Publishing), and "The Sacred Ifa Oracle" (HarperCollins Publishing), introduced African Ifa to both mainstreamand academic America. We initiated the first female Iyanifa, the first openly gay Babalawo, re-established the concept of Ori, and returned to Ifa's inclusive world view. We also created the largest Sacred Orisha Gardens in the Western Hemisphere where all could experience the beauty and power of Ifa.

We have accomplished all of this by uniting our male and female energy to work together, by learning (and subsequently teaching) the imperative of Empowerment rather than dependence, of Confidence rather than fear, of self-reliance rather than paternalism, and of logic rather than blind faith. We invite you to join us on this journey.