personal esu/ellegua

Your Personal Esu/Elegua

A genuine African Esu/Elegua is not confined to any single path. A personal Esu/Elegua ,created with traditional methods, encompasses ALL possible path’s, or opportunities, of the Esu/Elegua complex. It is created to vibrate with the personal energy of the individual it is created for. Each Esu/Elegua is unique from any other we create. It is the first basic tool of an Yoruba Ifa home in Africa for thousands of years.

It provides, but is not limited to:

Opening your personal path’s, doors, roads and opportunities.  Provides protection through closing the doors, or opportunities, of those who might wish you to fail, be jealous of your accomplishments, possessions or relationships

Creates positive opportunities you may yet to have even considered.  Each Esu will come with a “Certificate of Authenticity”.