Spiritual Tools Empowerment Experiences

"Dear Vassa,
Our new spiritual tools made is safely and they are all in the house now. Wow! Esu Obara is gorgeous - the vase with the elephant, the shells arranged on top and the metal leaves . I really really like it. I am glad that it is you who did it. The Energy is so fine.
The aje is very beautiful. I like the both very much.
My daughter grabbed the sigidi shield and stopped, looked at me and said it vibrates with power. She also liked the scorpio necklace. It is a very nice necklace. Thank you again. I will be in touch soon for Ogun. - Mila"

"Alafia Vassa,
Thank you for your love, support! There is nothing better than to feel the trasformation, and I read the reviews myself before but when you go thru it that is what Truly makes a difference. To Just Do it, even though it can be scary of the unkown, to just dive in. This email for you, I want to express how much I truly Love you and Deeply Grateful for you. I know I always say this to you, but You Vassa because of you, your love, effort, your steps, your creativity, your Vision, I mean I can't even include everything, but your will, has really changed my life!!

I was truly sad to be here in the planet, and always asked, why did I come to suffer as much as I am! But the Ori ceremony really was like the dynamite that blasted all the family patterns, all the negative energy, all the ego based fears and lies, all the negative thoughts. But I did not actually feel the effects until the Ori ceremony. And yes the few years after where truly hard, shedding off all that stuff, it was hard, uncomfortable, it took discipline and effort to keep moving forward thru those feelings, but my goodness was it worth it. Kind of like it is what you go thru giving birth, I had a tough one with our son, 10 hours of just pushing and Nothing! But what a blessing when you see the angel before you, it is one of the most amazing feelings. More beautiful than I had ever imagined.

But now I am grateful for the suffering, you cannot truly appreciate the day, unless you experience the darkeness of the night! And boy was it Dark. It has even opened up to some gifts I have been given, my dreams, my writing, and the sweetness my grandma told me I was, I never truly knew it, she would tell me I had sweet blood. But with my anger and sadness at the way my life was, I never appreciated it. Now I do and I share it. As I continue to practice, and CANEI Constant and Never Ending Improvement, to connect with the orishas and to ifascope, and to do everything we can, believe me I feel truly Fullfilled even though there are still challenges, but I can ask for help, I have the tools and I am Truly grateful for You, Your help, love support,and The Magical Gardens!!! I am so excited to be there with you and to give my thanks to the Orishas in person and to bring them gifts. Jacob wants me to write how grateful he is for the Twins too. We love them and Sigidi too. I have to take care of the kids now, but thank you for letting me share Vassa. Always writing to you and sending you all the honor and respect that you Deserve!! You and your family!

Thank you for ALL you do! Thank you for the smile in my Heart! Blessings and Love to you always, Ase, Ase, Ase!

"Dear Iya Vassa,
Aboru Aboye Aboisise!!!

I wanted to share with you my experience and perspectives of the Shedding and Ori Ceremony.

When I first got to the Ola Olu Gardens I thought “Wow, I really have come so far on my 56 year life journey. Well, here I am ready to shed decades of stuff that really is just cluttering up my life. I have done a really good job and am what appears in all my realities a pretty tough strong cookie and there won’t be too much to do.”

Looking back it is really funny because the powerful Shedding Ceremony continues to become more powerful as continued layers of more stuff comes to the surface if that makes sense.

From my perspective, 8 weeks after the Shedding Ceremony, what I thought then was not actually accurate. Looking back now, I was more like a tense cat with all claws out and dug in, back arched with every hair standing out on end. It is so amazing what pain and damage the human being can adapt to and then call it “normal”. Once the shedding took place all the wheels went into motion to very gently and lovingly continue to bring to the surface, process and release very interesting aspects and emotions. What is so fantastic is that as the old stuff leaves, immediately a sense of well being fills in the space.

The Ori Ceremony was not only filled with Joy and Love and Celebration but very profound as well. To be able to broaden my outlook and my perspectives without giving up who I am is incredible. To be able to see, hear and communicate in peace is a wonderful gift.

I am so happy to have had this experience that gains in momentum and continues to be a part of my life many weeks after the Ceremonies.

Thank you Iya Vassa and Oluwo Philip for the love and support and healing skills for my life journey.


"Alafia Vassa,

The twins are here and they are Beautiful! We are celebrating them and loving them so much! Yesterday it was nice and sunny and then a huge storm came lightning and loud thunder even though it is still hot end of summer here where we live, and we went outside and got wet a little bit. It was pouring! But it cooled things off and it was nice to get those positive ions going, I opened up the windows.

I feel so blessed to have the information about the ibeji twins and that this will help us as a family. I am so grateful! It opens the roads to so much not only for myself but my whole family. As soon as Jerry saw his neclace, he put it on. He loves that necklace! And Thank you so much for the gifts for Jacob and Luke!! How special for them and us as a family! We are so extremely thankful for you, we love and appreciate you from the bottom of our hearts. Love and blessings to you Vassa! - Karla and Family"

"Alafia, Vassa I hope you are doing great, I send you so much love in my thoughts! I just quickly want to share with you WHAT A GREAT BENEFIT Ifascope has really had on our family. My family relationships have tremendously Tremendously TREMENDOUSLY have improved from following your husbands such loving advice each week. We as a family have followed it every week this year, and I have seen HUGE benefits. I want to thank You and Your Husband, PLEASE let him know. We have really been blessed with stronger, happier family relationships!! Life was meant for us to be happy, and I am so thankful that we have been able to reach it, thanks to your help. I remember hearing the ifascope at the beginning of the year when Phillip would say the benefits would be family relationships, and I would really hope for it to be true, to strengthen my family happiness etc...And it has!!!  We still continue with Good Character, Daily Orishas, Ori, Sigidi, Twins (I will be sending them to you soon, to be recharged) and our Ancestors, Primary Ancestors, we try to really focus and not get distracted, even though family life is challenging sometimes. But we continue, and we Love And Appreciate you and Phillip. Love and Blessings"

"The Esu-Obatala has helped me really connect to peace and focus and it has become a space to come to at the beginning of large intellectual projects. The ori potion is also perhaps the best thing I've ever used. I prefer it even to the black soap because it is cooling both to my skin and ori and I feel it evaporating away all of the junk that gets me worried or frustrated. I want to keep deepening this connection and seeing where it continues to take me". -Odabo-John

"Dear Vassa, I’m grateful for everything what has happened. My life is flowing with more success at this time. I feel good and I’m able to smile a little bit more. Now I see life with a longer term view and have the energy to move on. It takes a lot of energy to do what I do at the moment, but it’s an investment for the future. On the road, I do almost every day my prayers and take the tools with me.
- an Ogun spike
- an Esu stone from your IFA Foundation garden
I work with these tools while I’m driving long distances and feel connected. I try to find a balance between work (because I’m not at home for 6 days) and IFA and I’m getting there. Still my goal is set to come to the IFA foundation, I hope this year! I’m thankful you’re here for me. Vassa, thank you so much for the help and the support!" -With love, Enrico from the Netherlands

"Alafia Iyanifa Vassa, i received my package yesterday. the energy was awesome. my son was so ready for the necklaces. they were beautiful. the ibejis are wonderful. when i held each eshu, i knew i held something special. you are amazing. i love the orishas and always will. i sometimes have to remind myself when i am going through things in my life that i am not alone. i thank you again for everything. i will keep you updated on my son's journey. ASE".

"Hi Vassa, I have received the box with all my goodies. Yes, the Esu's are really really gorgeous. The Chango one with two horns sits on my living room table for now, until I take him to Chango. He is so powerful, wow. The Ochosi is really handsome. And Osain wants to go in my purse. I got the soaps and sigidi shield for pud. Thank you for all your gifts. The pocket esu for pud looks very nice. But how did I end up with OKO necklace? Thank you very much for all your great work with Esu's and shipping. All is good. Thank you again. I will be in touch. - Mila"

"I thank you Iya Vassa,
For everything as always. You're a blessing, and the reading was right on in so many ways. You cleared up so much and have given me more strength to ultimately be who I am. Ase to you! I pray in the near future to come out to Florida :-)
Adabo, Awo Ifagbenle