visiting the sacred orisa gardens at ola olu

Individuals from all over the world - from diverse spiritual paths - visit the Sacred Orisa Gardens at Ola Olu for the opportunity to experience the living energy of the pantheon of ancient African fundamental energy sources. These include the energies of Success, Joy, Relationships, Protection, Conception, Opportunity, Focus, Conception, Restoration and Healing, Family and insight into their purpose and personal Destiny.

The Sacred Orisa Gardens are not decorative gardens, though their primal beauty is unmistakable…they are active, living vortexes continually replenished and expanded by the prayers and offerings of Ifa Devotees as well as all that visit.

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the orisha are not humans:

When we embarked on the construction of the new Orisha Gardens at Ola Olu, each garden truly seemed to take on a life of its own.  Vassa, and her friend/mentor Susanne Wenger, both expressed their new creations in different but similar fashions. Susanne operated from the paradigm of:  "One has to address oneself to another totality" While her friend Vassa reached much of the same conclusions by: “Allowing the Sculpture to let you create it.” What both sought, and achieved, was an expression of Orisha energy in new and different dimensions. While the Yoruba had never been keen on human representations of infinite energy, in this country during the diaspora we had somehow adopted the ways of Catholicism, with its human figures representing eternal energy. Quite simply…in the Western World almost everything had a “face.”

To represent eternal energies in human form was demeaning to the energies. Instead, both Susanne Wenger, and Vassa, pioneered allowing other dimensional truth’s, we refer to as the Orisha energy, to manifest in living examples of their work.

We urge anyone visiting Nigeria to make a stop at the late Susanne Wenger’s Sacred Gardens of Osun in the city of Oshogbo.

For those that are here in the Western hemisphere, we invite you to visit what Professor Robin Poynor refers to as…."the most extensive Sacred Orisa Gardens in North America".  The gates, to what is known as Ola Olu, open in a small town 1.5 hrs drive from Orlando, Florida… for people from all over the world.

Below is a virtual tour of the Sacred Orisa Gardens at Ola Olu




See what others have been saying about their visit:


"Alaafia Iya V:

Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed being at Ola Olu with you and everyone else. i have not laughed that much in a very long time. The space at Ola Olu feels wonderful, light, clean. You can feel attachments lifting off your shoulders as soon as you drive through the gates. A feeling of peace settles in. My daughter who usually claims to feel nothing energywise  says it is one of the most peaceful places she has been. Described it as "weird in a good way...though not exactly her thing". To each his path.  

Anyway I have attached the pictures of the odus that I stopped at. They are labeled in the order in which I snapped them. 
Again thank you for the opportunity to come to Ola Olu. It was awesome. If just visiting had such a profound effect, I can't wait to see what the next year brings.



"I want to thank you so much for having me over Ola Olu and the tour and
opportunity to experience the amazing energies you feel from the orisha's and giving me the
prayers to spend a lil bit of time with each of them.
I'm feeling totally different, energize, this positive energy i'm feeling...oh it feels amazing!
I wish i can feel like this every day.  I'm so thankful to you for the opportunity and so grateful
to the orisha's and Ifa for the blessings and great positive energy and Asé i pick up from Ola Olu.
Wishing you always & love one's lots of Light, Health, Progress, Love & Blessings!