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The process of divination is to open the channels of communication between the meta-intellect of the Universe and ourselves. The skilled Diviner will utilize his or her experiential connection to this energy to tap into that ocean of knowledge for those that they are divining for. To be most effective, the energy should be a three way triangulation...Ifa priest, Client and Orunmila (meta-intellect). The Ifascope that the Foundation has presented each week for more than a decade, is a broader scope connection. The Ifascope is designed for a general understanding of the effective energy necessary for those that share our World View to most successfully navigate the path towards their fulfilling their Destiny. It is both accurate and effective - it will smooth the bumps and improve your life, but it is not meant to replace one on one divination. When serious issues of a career, love, health, children etc. must be dealt with, ONLY a one on one divination with a skilled Diviner can guarantee the right answers and solutions. 

Blessings!... Oluwo Philip Neimark

Notice: The weekly Ifascope is usually posted weekly between Thursday and Friday evening. 

The week's Ifascope Reading is brought to you by Oluwo Ifajuitan, an Osun priest since 1995, Babalawo since 1998, Oluwo since 2017.

Readings posted below:

  • June 16th - 22nd, 2018
  • June 9th - 15th, 2018

Reading for week of June 16th - 22nd, 2018


The more decisions that you are forced to make alone, the more you are aware of your freedom to choose” Thorton Wilder

There’s a wonderful week ahead if we allow ourselves to have new experiences now. If you have children, you may find that there are suddenly becoming more independent and want to experience things on their own now, this is perfectly fine, but it may cause you some anxiety if you’re not ready to let go. The lesson this week is about trust in a benevolent universe that allows you safe passage when you exercise good character, do the right thing, and stay on your soul’s chosen destiny path. There’s also the inevitable fact that life goes on, with us or without us, so we need to seize the moment, have new experiences, live life to the fullest, you don’t want regrets later on.

On a personal note:  I’m posting the reading early because I’ll be traveling for several days. So, for me, this reading makes perfect sense since I’m going out of my comfort zone to have new life experiences.

The Odu for this week is “Iwori Otura” and comes strongly On Path (“Eji-Ogbe” or “Ogbe Meji”) for Destiny (“Otura Meji”). The best possible combination is always to be strongly On Path for Destiny, Ashe!  “Iwori” is on the temporal side which make us more introspective and pensive, this is part of the process of letting go and moving to the next step in our lives. As a result of being ready to move on, we have the Odu “Otura” on the emotional/spiritual side of the matrix, this is a peaceful, mindful sign that indicates we are now able to connect spiritually to recharge our Ashe. It is a journey inwards, the experiences we have now will greatly impact us spiritually so take advantage of this auspicious time to move forward in your destiny. 

Not surprisingly, it is the ruler of Destiny that is guiding us on this phase of our lives, the Ori (“Irete Ogbe”) requests “Coconut Oil” (“Idi Iroso”) to soothe and calm any anxiety that we may have from new experiences.  This is not the time to be a hermit and hide in your home alone, go out and experience life, you’ll be glad you did.

Light a white candle and place a clear glass of cool water next to it. Pour some coconut oil in your hands, then place your hands on the crown of your head and say a prayer to your Ori to guide and help you stay on path for your destiny.  If you have a separate Ori stone from an Ori initiation, you should also place the coconut oil on it too. 

Note: keeping the Ori cool is essential, so you should regularly put some cool water on it, especially during times of stress, anxiety, worries, anger, or simply when you’re overthinking things.

Always keep in mind that the amount of effort (intention) you place while doing Ebbos goes a long way in the effectiveness of the Ebbo.

Observation for Ifa diviners:

  • Eji-Ogbe or Ogbe Meji is the most senior Odu in the order of 256 Odu. To have it show up as the indication of being On Path in combination with Otura Meji for Destiny is very significant  

Love and Blessings!  Javier Lujan {Oluwo Ifajuitan}  


Reading for week of June 9th - 15th, 2018


Our best problem-solving resource is peace. Solutions arise easily and naturally from a peaceful state” Melody Beattie

Similar to last week, we continue this week with the theme of dealing with challenges and problem-solving. But do know that the answers are still there, we’re just having some difficulty figuring things out. Perhaps we’re too close and can’t see the big picture, or quite simply, we’re not in a calm state to respond appropriately. Remember that if you get frazzled, breathe and calm down first, then the answers will come to you.

On a personal note: I’ve worked in IT for 34 years as an engineer and I’m often tasked with resolving difficult technical problems.  But when I start to get really frustrated, I go for a walk to relax or do something else. Then come back with a new outlook to try again.

The Odu for this week is “Ose Ofun” the 255th Odu in the order of 256. We’re Off-Path (“Otura Meji”), a disruption of peace that affects our Health (“Idi Osa”). An indication that we’re getting frustrated or stuck, as a result, we’re disconnecting spiritually when we really should be more spiritually grounded.

Obatala (“Iroso Ogbe”) is guiding us this week and Obatala speaks of celebrating life, having a more balanced perspective on things, there are many things for us to be grateful for, but we forget. The Ebbo (offering) to Obatala is cake (“Ogunda Otura”). Ogunda implies winning a struggle leading to peace of mind. Look for a light-colored cake with white frosting, good choices include meringue or coconut.  Avoid any cake that has liquor (e.g. Tiramisu, Rum cake) as it is taboo to give liquor to Obatala as you may already know. In the context of this reading, cake signifies that we need to indulge a little, don’t be so serious, thank and celebrate not only the blessings you have but also the challenges because they help you grow.

Light a white candle and place a clear glass of cool water on your Obatala altar. Before you make the offering, bring the cake up to your forehead (let the frosting touch your forehead, yes, I’m not kidding, it’s all about being less serious and being able to laugh at yourself) then say a prayer to Obatala asking for peace of mind, wisdom and to home-in your problem-solving skills. If you don’t have an altar, you may leave it at a quiet wooded area where animals can partake of the offering.

Always keep in mind that the amount of effort (intention) you place while doing Ebbos goes a long way in the effectiveness of the Ebbo.

* Be sure to give a taste of the cake to Eshu.

Observation for Ifa diviners:

  • Otura Meji is a senior Odu that indicated the Off Path, while “Ogunda Otura” was cast for the Ebbo to restore inner peace.

Be sure to check out “The Reading for the Year 2018”.

Love and Blessings!  Javier Lujan {Oluwo Ifajuitan}

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Words of Wisdom...

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The world is forever changing, if we

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