New Spiritual Empowerment Event: October 4th and 5th

Experience Osain, Onile and your Guardian Ancestor from The Ifa Foundation on Vimeo.

October 4th and 5th:

Experience Osanyin, Onile and your Guardian Ancestor inside the sacred vortexes of the Orisha Garden Spiritual Retreat.
We will begin by opening up your senses through rituals and conversations expressing how to move into deeper places with each of these special energy matrix’s along with special rituals.
Each of the three highlighted doorways will come with personalized spiritual teaching tools for you to take back home to your sacred place and work with on your own.
Through each ritual you will learn and grow…and let go of your fears, doubts and uncertainties…becoming empowered in new ways altogether.
You will renew and restore and replenish as well as establish a whole new sense of yourself.

Here is what is included:

We will pick you up a the event hotel:  Hampton Inn Palm Coast
on Saturday morning at 10 am.  October 4th.
Delicious and healthy food and drinks will be provided throughout the time we are together.
If you have special needs please share that with Iya Vassa at the time of reserving your space.
We will open up all 22 sacred Orisha gardens for you to connect with…walking you inside them and highlighting their special gifts for you to tap in with.
There will be a special Labyrinth walk ritual and personal divination to follow.
We will focus on connecting you with your special chosen Guardian Ancestor…using the vortexes formed inside the vine covered entry port. There are a few rituals we will have you do to bring the proper alignment for a clearer deeper connection.  You will receive a special connecting tool to enjoy working with for years to come.
We will also focus on the healing and restorative energy matrix called…Onile, Earth Mother.  Through a series of rituals you will find your connection to this powerful place and really become renewed.  A special gift from Onile’s garden will be yours to take home with you.
And then we will focus on working with the plant medicine, Osanyin (Osain).
We will open up your senses and teach you how to connect and receive the incredible blessings from this ancient energy.  We will create a special spiritual tool as well... for you to take home and work with for years to come.
You will receive a workbook full of creative ideas and information to use.
We will be together into the evening on Saturday and then begin again with a partial day on Sunday.  Ending around 3 p.m. 
Weather permitting …we will do special rituals at the beautiful quiet beach nearby.
Total cost for the whole event $250. We will accommodate up to 10 people.
Register with Iyanifa Vassa   1-800-906-4322



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