1. This is a benevolent Universe created by a benevolent God
  2. You need have no Fear
  3. There is a single Creative Force (God)
  4. There is no Devil
  5. It is your birthright to be joyful, successful and loved
  6. Personal empowerment is the path for success and fulfillment
  7. You are part of the Universe in a never ending symbiotic relationship
  8. Character, NOT GENDER, determines outcome
  9. ALL supremacy is Evil
  10. You must never initiate harm to another human being
  11. You must never harm the Universe of which you are a part
  12. Men and Women are equal and walk the same road to empowerment
  13. Diversity is the template of Olodumare's (God) creation
  14. You select your Destiny
  15. Divination provides the roadmap to your Destiny
  16. Balance, growth and wisdom provide our empowerment