Taught by Iyanifa Vassa & a variety of guest teachers.  A year-long training  IFA & Orisa chaplaincy and spiritual care giving, oriented to current Chaplain practitioners with at least four years of committed practice. Its aim is to provide a strong foundation in IFA & Orisa  chaplaincy for volunteer chaplains, or those working as professional chaplains, and those serving the pastoral needs of their local Ifa & Orisa clients.  Many Chaplain clients  are institutionalized in nursing homes, shut-in or incarcerated. For more information contact Iya Vassa.

Below are Informational Pamphlets to help with understanding IFA & Orisa for your clients as a Chaplain.  We have many years experience providing information ,materials for chaplains.  Please reach out to us inf you have questions.

IFA & Prison Spiritual Care 

IFA & Nursing Home Spiritual Care (coming soon)


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