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The Ogun Knife/Cuchillo

The Knife Ceremony (For Ritual Work as an Initiated Priest Only)    

Both men and women Initiates are able to access this energy. It is a special ceremony that involves connecting with the energy of Ogun at a higher level…as you are actually receiving the Ceremonial Knife while in the Ogun Sacred Garden…performing the guided ritual.

This brings the proper alignment to allow the work involved as an Initiated Priest to become deeper. This is necessary to be able to do the Rituals that a Knife would be needed for. Without going through this type of ceremony…one should not being doing this level of work.

For those who have Ogun as their primary Crowning Orisa…this is an important ceremony as well.

For those who have health issues and need strengthening…this is an important ceremony to add to your life force.

One must be present for this work. You would need to bring a certain type of knife that you select…details can be discussed ahead of time. The Ceremony takes part of a day and you would be completely guided through it each step of the way.

For additional information please contact Iyanifa Vassa by or reaching us at 386-214-6489

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