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7 Day Calendar

The Way Of The Orisa

The Ifa Foundation International

Oluwo Philip Neimark created the 7 Day Calendar from the 7 Day Yoruba Business Calendar which also has Orisa Associated with it.  He used divination to confirm the 7 Day Orisa Calendar.  It has helped many Orisa followers in creating easy-to-follow daily routines and rituals. 

You have options on how to incorporate the Orisa into your life and family.

Download The Seven Day Calendar

4 Day Calendar

Traditional Yoruba Spiritual Calendar

 A 10,000 plus-year-old spiritual calendar that is centered around a 4-day calendar and 4 groups of Orisa.  Westerns find it a little more difficult to incorporate at times.  It is associated with the ritual practice of Ose Ifa & Itadogun. 

You may add the Ifa day called Ose Ifa to your weekly prayer routine.  It is the most commonly practiced day out of the groups. 

Please see our Introductory Course Ose Ifa for more details.

4 Day Orisa Calendar-page-001.jpg
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