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Orisa Initiation


This initiation process allows the potent energy of your Orisa to be infused into your very being.  The process of Orisa initiation is spiritually profound and meaningful for the entire community. It is a very important component to being whole and balanced. There is a real self-empowerment action that takes place along with an alignment of who you truly are.

Allowing you to access the divination tool of reading the cowries shells for yourself as well as others.

This is a 5 day time period at our retreat where you would live in the retreat house overlooking Lake Ola Olu. Also having full access to the Orisa gardens while there.  

Beginning with a deep shedding ceremony which empties out the old negative experiences you have carried, allowing room for all the new and fresh positive energy to enter. Ceremonies to Esu and the ancestors are also done to line all the energies up properly. You would arrive with the proper stones and container for
your Orisa, we do the rest. A study notebook, filled with teaching material, is given to you prior to beginning, allowing you to begin with some important journaling.

The Orisa initiation plants the seed, opens the door, allowing you access to the deepest of your energy connections. It is a place to begin anew.

On the third day, the most important reading of your priesthood is divined for you. It is your Ita Priesthood path. This is valuable information about what the universe is bringing to you. We discuss how to work with your path, bringing the best quality to your life and priest path.

We teach you throughout the time you are with us. You will learn how to better connect to the energies and you will learn how to do many types of Ebbos. A special book and tape will be given to you to begin a lifelong study of cowrie divination.

There will be a lot of hands-on study time with Nana Iyanifa Vassa and members of the Ifa Foundation Initiation Team, allowing access to their many years of growing in this path. After you leave the retreat you will have special access to the Ifa Learning Center and other special initiate groups, enabling you to gain more wisdom and knowledge as well as a connection to the other initiates. You can openly ask questions and bounce out different situations.

For additional information please contact Iyanifa Vassa by email or call 386-214-6489

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