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Prison Ministry

Being Justice Involved Is A Family & Community Affair

Working With Ifa Before, During, And After Justice Involvement 

How The Ifa Foundation Helps You, Your Family & Community 

The Ifa Foundation operates year-round.  The foundation is a great place to give your time & services.  The reward is that your volunteer effort not only benefits the community but many times serves as a sacrifice or ebbo! Volunteering with us is a win-win! We are also a 501 c3 so if you need community hours please contact us.


*Please contact the Membership Team for more information on volunteer opportunities

Job Bank

Ifa Foundation & Community Partners Job Opportunities

The Ifa Foundation and its community partners are dedicated to uplifting our members.  We are currently seeking applicants for the following positions:




*Ifa Foundation Members please contact the Membership Team for more information on available positions.

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