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The classroom contains an assortment of articles that speak about Ifa in the modern world which we live in. This collection of articles was written over the course of many years.  In some cases, there are references to points of time in the past.  You will find articles of many different natures here. Please take your time and review those that pique your interest:

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Case histories from ifa
A dear friend who is very ill
A gay Babalawo speaks out
A new initiate speaks out
Adult or infant…
After initiation
American ifa
The Ancestors
Beware - the fatal flaw
Blood or Bloodless
Concepts I learned while listening to an interview with a Master Percussionist
Corporate divination
Does the Babalawo tell "all"?
Exclusivity - destroys your ability to make Ifa work
Five rules for selecting a priest for divination
For the love of Richard
Gay marriage
Getting what you want…or getting what you need
Getting what you want and what you need
Should I hid Esu/Ellegua
How it all works
How to get results
How to judge a Babalawo
How you look at something determines what you see
I'm not the Babalawo police
Ifa & Santeria
Ifa & Palo…oil & water
It can't happen to us!
It's about results…not reputation or ethnicity
Iwa Pele - character not obedience
Just the facts…
Loud noise & a puff of smoke
Lucy, an exotic dancer
Making Ifa work for you
Making Orisa worship relevant
Memory versus knowledge
Miracles of Ifa
Money & Ifa
Musings of a Babalawo
Nana Buuken - restoring balance
Nathan & The Federal Grand Jury
Paternalism & Ifa
Pedophilia & World Com
Prozac versus Orisa
Removing negative energy, cleansings & sheddings
Repairing the bridge
Return to wisdom and intelligence
Ritual versus medicine
Romantic relationships, how to make them work
Rules of the Universe
Santeria/Lucumi - a final comment
Science is not the enemy of Ifa practitioners
Sex and the Orisa
Skin color, countries or origin & other meaningless concepts
Spells, negative energy, witchcraft
Susanne, a 46-year old nurse from Korea
The Americanization of Ifa/Orisa
The basis of American Ifa
The hijacking of Ifa
The illusion of control versus genuine control
The next step
The Ori
The real meaning of Iwa Pele
The work & thoughts of Susanne Wenger
Tips for effective divination results
To pay a bribe or not
Tom's girlfriend brought him for a Guardian reading
We are the EBBO
Wealth & Ifa
What is American Ifa?
When power corrupts…danger!
Which side of the road
Who is getting involved? Why Guardian Orisa are identified incorrectly
Wisdom versus results

Women & Ifa
Through interaction with Afolabi Epega...
How to Pick a Spiritual Guide

Detailed Explanations:

The Orisha




The Ancestors

Ifa Initiations & Wisdom