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The Sacred Orisa Gardens at Ola Olu in central Florida represent the living embodiment of the philosophy of Ifa as developed by the ancient Yoruba culture of West Africa. Ifa pre-dates the birth of Christ by several thousand years. Considered animistic – the belief in the existence of individual energies that inhabit natural objects – by Western academia, it is, in truth, much more. It is an all-encompassing world view that integrates the imperative of Good Character, the necessity for accumulating wisdom and knowledge as our first priority, the understanding that every individual action effects not only the individual, but all those you care for, the community you are part of and the planet you live upon. This and much more is woven into a powerful template for a successful life through the singular understanding that we are ALL part of an organic whole…connected by energy and mutual symbiotic self-interest as we seek to fulfill our Destiny.

Please read our Article on why this is a sacred and spiritual land and experience.

You are invited to view the Virtual Tour of the Sacred Orisa Gardens below.


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