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2019 By Ifa Foundation


March 21st – 27th, 2020

“Ògún is watching out for you."

Ifá reveals that when Olódùmarè (God) created Ayé (the physical realm), 401 benevolent spirits came from the right to assist soul evolution and 201 spirits of misfortune came from the left to obstruct it. However, Ifá scholars don’t see these opposing spiritual forces as enacting a classical battle of “good versus evil,” but rather, manifesting a polarity to facilitate “choice.” If there were no consequences to “freedom of choice,” we could not have spiritual growth, what we call Ìwa-Pẹ̀lẹ̀ (kind and gentle character.) But you should always remember that the universe is inherently benevolent, and that is reflected by benevolent forces still outnumbering malevolent ones. Even from the left side, we find Òrìṣà Ògún as the gatekeeper to those negative forces.

The Odù for this week is Òtúrá Ògúndá and brings us Iré (Òtúrá Ogbè) for a second week; we’re taking another step in the right direction, destiny (Ogbè Òtúrá). Ògún (Ọ̀sẹ́ Ògúndá) is helping us to overcome hardship (Ọ̀sá Ogbè) under challenging times; he is standing guard at our doors and keeping us safe from misfortune. There’s a lot of calamity in the world with disruptive influences all around us, leaving negative energy residue that tends to bind to our spiritual bodies, and we then bring it home; a “spiritual cleansing” is advised.

Observation: while the primary area of focus is overcoming hardship (Ọ̀sá Ogbè,) it is also significant that the second area of focus is destiny (Ogbè Òtúrá) because it is the Odù for the year, a subtle indication that we’re moving in the right direction.

Ògún is a fiery energy, what we call “pupa” (red, hot, passionate and energizing) and typically accepts offerings that resonate or enhance his type of energy. So, I find it interesting that Ògún asks for Ebó (offering/sacrifice) of black peppercorn (Òtúrá Ìwòrì) and strong black coffee (Ìwòrì Ìrẹtẹ̀) with no sugar.

Esoterically speaking, black peppercorn is a spice that has much heat and resonates with “pupa,” but it also “dúdú” (black, neutralizing, mitigating), just like black coffee. The implication is that we’re trying to neutralize those hidden forces at play. We are asking Ògún as the gatekeeper to those spirits from the left, to rein them in and keep them at bay, the neutralizing offerings are telling those spirits that there’s nothing here for them and to move on.

Make the Ebó at your Ògún shrine if you have one or place the offering by the main door to your home.

Regarding the spiritual cleansing, use “black soap” to cleanse your aura, particularly the crown of your head where your Orí resides. Your home can be spiritually cleansed with “smudging” (e.g., sage, palo santo, etc.)

Reminder: When making any Ebó (offerings), always offer a taste to Èṣù/Ẹlégbá first who is the divined messenger and takes your prayers and offerings to its destination.
Further Reading:
Be sure to read the “Reading for 2020” throughout the year for reference.
Blessings! … Oluwo Ifájuyìtán