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Prayer Circle

Do You Have A Prayer Request? 

Do You Want To Join The Prayer Circle Team?

Please Submit Your Prayer Request

The Ifa Foundation Prayer Circle Team is dedicated to providing prayers for ANYONE who requests it.  There is not a charge for prayer.  We have dedicated priests around the world that will perform prayer for you.  They may occasionally contact you to see check on your prayer needs. 

Prayer Request Form

Awa Ngbadura Fun O! - We are Praying For You!

Join The Prayer Circle Team

To Join the Ifa Foundation Prayer Circle please first sign up as a site member.  After you sign up as a site member.  Fill the form out below and the Prayer Circle Team Leader will contact you.  It is a true blessing to serve others in our community with prayer.  Ifa philosophy is one built on community service, wisdom and knowledge.

Join The Prayer Circle Team

Ise Ni Ona Lati Ifa - Service Is the Way To Ifa!

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