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Egbe Community

Do You Know Your Egbe Orun Community?

Egbe Orun: Your Support In Heaven

Egbe Orun represents your heavenly community that you associated with in heaven before you were born.  This heavenly community is formed to give you additional support and guidance while on earth. 


Your Egbe Orun can at times desire to get your attention in order that you complete a previously agreed-upon task.  The main function of Egbe Orun is Support & Guidance as Spiritual Guides!

There are many Egbe Orun Communities.  To Learn more about Egbe Orun or find out your Egbe Orun Community schedule an Egbe Divination. 


The Ifa Foundation currently has knowledge of the following Egbe Orun Communities:

1.   Egbe Iyalorde

2.   Egbe Eleriko

3.   Egbe Baale

4.   Egbe Olugbogero

5.   Egbe Adetayanya

6.   Egbe Jagun

7.   Egbe Olumonhun

8.   Egbe Kori Koto / Asipa

9.   Egbe Iyalaje

Learn More About Egbe Orun

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Register Your Egbe Community

The Ifa Foundation is keeping an Egbe Registry!

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Register Your Egbe Orun Community

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