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The Legacy of Oluwo Fagbamila, Philip J Neimark

Oluwo Fagbamila's Life & Legacy

March 14th, 2021

The Ituto Ceremony of Oluwo Fagbamila Philp J. Neimark

Performed by: Nana Iya Vassa Neimark & Babalawo Ifagbemi Alejandro Rivera

To View The Recorded Ceremony please visit our Facebook Videos Page

In Memory of Oluwo Fagbamila

Thank you to all that shared their memories of Oluwo Phil.  Please see the Oluwo's Program to read some of the memories and tributes we received.  Below are some very special tributes and memories of the Oluwo.

The Life & Legacy of Oluwo Philip J. Neimark Fagbamila

The Oluwo Fagbamila, Philip John Neimark, walked on this earth for over 80 years with his Guardian Ancestor, Gorvich.  Gorvich was a well-known and sought-after Russian Jewish Seer.  The Oluwo was guided by Gorvich to the path of Ifa and to become a world-renowned Priest, Teacher, and Author.  

Below are some highlights of Oluwo Philips's Legacy.

  • He was the first white man in the US to openly walk as an Ifa Devotee.

  • He raised 4 children in the path of Ifa.

  • He raised 5 Grandchildren in the path of Ifa.

  • He had a 40-year marriage with Nana, Iyanifa Vassa...

  • He and Nana Iya Vassa built the Sacred Orisa Gardens and Initiated people from across the globe.

  • He started the 1st  IFA 501-C-3 in the U.S. in 1982

  • He started the first open share from the earliest website from his Osborne computer! (now with over 1 million visitors)

  • He created the 1st public Orisa Gardens in the U.S.

  • He created the weekly Ifascope readings for the public and performed them each and every week for over 20 years.

  • He also performed the monthly Icofa readings for the public each month for over 20 years as well.

  • He wrote 6 influential books on Ifa.

  • In 1990, The Sacred Ifa Oracle was released, Oluwo Dr. Afolabi Epega and Oluwo Philip J. Neimark co-wrote this book

  • Also in 1990, The Way of the Orisa was released.

  • Later on, in the 90's he published 3 more books: The Matrix of Ifa, The Orisha Today: No More Fear, and The Orisha Today: What you never thought you would hear.

  • He created over several hundred YouTube and Vimeo Ifa teaching videos when it was not fashionable to speak freely and openly about Ifa

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