1. Initial Connection:  A Face-to-Face call - FREE

  2. A Divination Session

  3. Follow up Coaching Sessions

  4. An Anytime Coaching Session

  5. Life Path Reading to Determine Your Personal Code

  6. Spiritual Teaching Tools w/ coaching

  7. Engaging in the Ifa Prime Weekly Free Online Teaching Events

  8. Tools for Building You & Your Prayer Altars with the Training

  9. Online Healing Ceremonies

  10. Personal Obi Divination Level Training

  11. "Personal Ifa-ing" - "Tools & Rituals You Can Do” Training

  12. Icofa - One Hand of Orunmila & Training 

  13. Sheddings & Clearings 

  14. Ancestors & Lineage Clearing

  15. Pregnancy

  16. Removal of Negative Spirit Entities

  17. Healing Abortions & Miscarriages

  18. Sacred Garden Retreats for Healing and Empowerment -

  19. Men and Women Empowerment Experiences

  20. Specialty Workshops to attend where possible

  21. Special Events for...

  22. Destiny / Legacy Initiation - Ori Ceremony

  23. Orisa Initiations

  24. Ifa Initiations

  25. Oluwo Initiations

  26. Nana Buuken Society  Initiations

  27. The Iyaami

  28. The Mothers Ceremony

  29. Weddings 

  30. Family Healings


Initial Connection:  A Face-to-Face call - FREE

Schedule your Free Introductory call with us.  There is no cost or obligation. The call is informative and will put your mind at ease. 

Follow up Coaching Sessions

As you open into the integration of your life path reading… we will support you and guide you into fully understanding how to set up a special connecting altar for your Orisa and your Guardian Ancestor and what the tools are that will assist your growth process.

Life Path Reading to Determine Your Personal Code

As the intention of our conception began…A special Ancestor was chosen to come with you as you were being conceived…We call this your “Guardian Ancestor”.   Each of us also connects-in with a certain archetype.  This is like your operating system…how you navigate…how you see…how you sense and feel…how you think about EVERYTHING.  IT IS YOUR TRUE “NATURE”.  This we call, your Orisa.  And the third leg of your personal code is your sacred Odu.

Engaging in the Ifa Prime Weekly Free Online Teaching Events


Subscribe to receive the link and access code to the weekly webex event.  This will quickly become your weekly "do not miss" Orisa community meeting. Learn from each other in an open forum.  Ask question, share, and become a part of a no ego community of life learners and Orisa devotees. 

Sacred Garden Retreats for Healing and Empowerment

We our various rituals and healing ceremonies. Please see our CALENDAR

Men and Women Empowerment Experiences

Groups of Healers have come to our Sacred gardens to replenish their bodies, minds, and spirit.  We have custom plans available

Removal of Negative Spirit Entities

You can be negatively affected by energy and need powerful rituals and spiritual potions to release the energy. 

Tools for Building You & Your Prayer Altars with the Training

There are times we need the assistance of an empowerment tool.  One for clearing obstacles…one for connecting deeper inside one of the sacred matrices of Ifa…one for healing you and there are many more.  IyaVassa can consult with you to determine the proper tool for what you want to accomplish…and then train you in how to use it.

"Personal Ifa-ing" - "Tools & Rituals You Can Do” Training

We empower you with the sacred tools and know how to use them yourself! 

Sheddings & Clearings

Shedding & Clearing

Pregnancy Ceremonies

Each pregnancy is a ancestor coming to the earth plane. If you are experiencing difficulty in conceiving  we will divine on the needs to help you align with a easier conception.

Orisa Initiations

We offer Initiations to all Orisa for example: Esu, Ogun, Ososi, Obatala, Yemonja, Osun, Sango and Oya to name a few.  Contact Us for more information

Oluwo Initiations

Oluwo Intiation

The Iyaami Rituals & Ceremonies

We divine for the proper energy to align you with.  We have over 22 vortexes of energy


Be sacredly aligned for a successful marriage.  We perform ceremonies for every type of  couple lifestyle.

A Divination Session

Access  to Divination is your birthright! Learn what energies are in your life and and how to have the best outcome. Please read our article below.

An Anytime Coaching Session

As you walk your path... you may want to feel more supported and more guided.  And you may want to be nurtured through some of the challenges you are processing.  You may want me to listen and be there for you…this is something I truly believe is important to offer. Once we connect…I am committed to the process of you living your legacy.

Spiritual Teaching Tools w/ coaching

Spiritual tools Teaching

Online Healing Ceremonies

IyaVassa has prepared a way to do some of her ceremonies for you remotely.  She has worked with people for decades all over the world and uses her skills she has developed from the intense levels she goes into for healing people.  There are some very effective techniques that will be deliver incredible results.  A special consultation to define the highest level of strategy to use will be the foundation to build from.  Iyanifa Vassa is known as a human architect who is extremely connected to the Mother energy…tapping into the portals as a Nana Buuken Priest with Iyaami.  These OnLine Healing ceremonies can be done via FaceTime or Skype or Zoom.  Some healing ceremonies may be done out in the sacred gardens on your behalf as well. 

Specialty Workshops

The Ifa Foundation host various workshops throughout the year . Please see our CALENDAR

Special Events For All Lifestyles

We are one community and your lifestyle is welcome.  Iwa-Pele is the requirement

Please Visit Our LGBTQ dedicated pages for more information and guidance


Healing Abortions & Miscarriages

Healing Abortions & Miscarriages to clear the past and make way for the future.

Personal Obi Divination Level Training

Babalawo IfaTobi has developed an amazing program with a recorded step by step way to divine with the Obi.  

A full demonstration with all of the teach materials will be included as part of the empowerment training..

Icofa - One Hand of Orunmila & Training 

The Icofa and One hand of Orunmila is the same for men and women.  It is your connection with the divine higher power.

Ancestors & Lineage Clearing

The ancestors & Lineage

Destiny / Legacy Initiation - Ori Ceremonies

One of our most performed ceremonies to connect with your higher divine self. 

Ifa Initiations

Ifa initiation

Nana Buuken Society Initiations

When is a woman ready initiate into the Nana Buuken Society? Traditionally, most people would think of this being most appropriate when a woman is past her time of her menstrual cycle. But as we have listened to the voices of many younger women...we have discovered that other occasions reveal that being a Nana is needed for balance.


The Mothers Ceremony

Align with energies of the mothers.

Family Healings

We are a family friendly and safe environment to bring your whole family for healing rituals and ceremonies.


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