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2019 By Ifa Foundation


January 17th – 24th, 2020

“When there’s no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you"

A spiritual warrior is comfortable in their own skin and is not bothered by what others think or say; they know who they are and don’t feel the need to explain themselves nor be validated by others. Their inner strength comes from a balance between the mind and the heart. This harmony naturally attracts Às̩e̩ (blessings) to their lives to forge a path in their destiny.

The Odù for this week is Òtúrá Ògúndá and brings very strong Iré (on-path, good fortune) as indicated by Ogbè Mejì (aka ÈjìOgbè) the most senior Odù in the fixed order of 256.

ÈjìOgbè says “he who is wise, is made wise by his Orí,” and it’s our Orí (Ògúndá Ọ̀sẹ́) that we must placate this week with “shea butter” (Òtúrá Mejì) to maintain clarity and peace of mind.

Esoterically speaking, Òtúrá and Ògúndá are very different energies, and that makes it challenging, yet the Odù appear with very strong Iré, a harmonious collaboration. Òtúrá is “Funfun” (white or tranquil), and Ògúndá is “Pupa” (red or passionate).

Òtúrá on the right leg of the Odù tells us to keep a “cool head” so that we can think calmly and logically plan our next steps. Ògúndá on the left leg of the Odù tell us to NOT restrain our “passion” by playing it too safe; this is a unique combination of energies that allows us to plan our future and pursue our goals with a lot of enthusiasm and determination.

Once again, it favors “Success” as indicated by Ogbè Ògúndá, a theme that we have seen since the beginning of the year. The window of opportunity is still there to advance our objectives for the year. Note that once again we see the combination of “Funfun” (white or tranquil) and “Pupa” (red or passionate) with Ogbè Ògúndá.

Traditionally, Òtúrá Ògúndá warns of negative energy contamination that would require a “head-cleansing” or even a “full-body cleansing.” Fortunately, we are in very strong Iré (on-path, good fortune), so that is not required. However, you need to be aware of the people that you interact with and the places that you visit. At the first sign of negativity, you should make time to cleanse yourself so that it doesn’t stick to you. Cleansings are not complicated; you can make “Omiero,” which consists of at least “fresh cool water and plants,” you can add coconut oil, flower petals, shea butter, and honey. Pray over the “Omiero” by placing your hands on it, then use the refreshing mixture on your head, and if needed, rub it over your body. You can also burn “sage” or “palo santo” to clear your home of any negative energy that lingers.

It may not always be clear to you that negative energy is starting to affect you; one sign is that you’re becoming anxious (hypochondria) about your health when there’s nothing to worry about. Another sign is that your mood suddenly changes and becomes dark. Learn to be a spiritual warrior.


Reminder: When making any Ebó (offerings), always offer a taste to Èṣù/Ẹlégbá first who is the divined messenger and takes your prayers and offerings to its destination.
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