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April 13th – 19th, 2024


Dafá (Ifá Oracle Divination) revealed Ìrosù-Ogbè (aka Ìrosùn Ogbè) with Ibi (off-path, setbacks) for this week. The priority should be on fostering personal and spiritual relationships; thus, achieving material success at this time must take a back seat.

According to the 2024 reading, Ọ̀sanyìn (aka Ọ̀sain), the Òrìṣà of plants, herbs, and natural medicine, would help us find a way to better health. This week, Ìrẹtẹ̀ Mejì revealed that Ọ̀sanyìn will help us heal relationships. Emotions are running high, which can detract from your work, so you must prioritize healing and soothing relationships first.

Ọ̀sanyìn is not the typical Òrìṣà one would expect to assist us with relationships as he deals more with health, so we must put it into its proper context; negative emotions (e.g., grief, anger) can be detrimental to anyone’s health. Furthermore, consider the types of people you interact with daily; it’s not just your significant other; it’s also family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and even strangers you cross paths with during your daily life.

Ifá tells us that Ọ̀sanyìn fell from the Òrun (heavens) like a star and buried itself deep into the ground in a place that was subsequently named Irawo (star), giving rise to the spread of plants throughout the Earth; thus, Ọ̀sanyìn is star-born.

Note that the name Ọ̀sanyìn is made up of the words sán (to increase health) and yìn (to boil or create through fire), giving us a better understanding of what he represents. Ọ̀sanyìn is a healer who teaches us how to make medicine by combining plants, water, and fire.

Ọ̀sanyìn is a close companion to Ọ̀rúnmìlà, the Òrìṣà of wisdom and divination. The Babaláwo carries a staff called Ọ̀pá Ọ̀sanyìn forged out of iron, which he plants in the ground at the places he visits (the tip that goes on the ground connects him with Ọ̀sanyìn). The staff is the connection to the secret knowledge of plant-based medicine that the Babaláwo can tap into through divination. Ọ̀sanyìn energy is concentrated at the root of all plants and trees; birds are naturally drawn to trees and perch on their branches, and thus, Ọ̀sanyìn gives them refuge; in turn, birds spread seeds; they have a symbiotic relationship.

Initially, legend has it that Ọ̀sanyìn kept his secret knowledge of plants from humanity, but upon repetitively being asked by Èṣù to divulge the secrets to them and still refusing, caused Ọ̀sanyìn to lose one leg, one arm, one eye, and the loss of his voice; Ọ̀sanyìn is said to only speak through birds, known to be the sacred emissaries of the Àjé (the mysterious and unfathomable powers of Ìyáàmí). The Ọ̀pá Ọ̀sanyìn staff is thus depicted with a central bird perched on the top and birds encircling it in a sort of ceremonial gathering of nature's forces who came to bear witness. Ọ̀sanyìn is depicted as standing on one foot (covered in mud), just like the Ọ̀pá Ọ̀sanyìn staff of the Babaláwo.

The reading for this week refers you to the following ẹsẹ Ifá (Ifá Divination verse) as the "take-away" wisdom for this week's reading.

"Aigboniwọnran awo Olú-Oje divined Ifá for Odùgbemi, who was a popular and fairly rich man on Earth. Odùgbemi was advised to perform sacrifice to avoid becoming a popular and fairly rich man in heaven.

A pigeon if the Odù was divined at the Ẹsentaye of a newborn baby, a sheep if the Odù was divined at Itẹfa.”


  • Ẹsentaye (the first treading on the Earth) is performed on the third day after the birth of a newborn baby; it is a life-path reading.

  • Itẹfa (Ifá initiation) can be performed at any time for anyone except for a baby who is sickly or facing other challenges.

One interpretation of the above ẹsẹ Ifá is that too much ambition or focus on material things and ego gratification will shorten your time on Earth. Life is more than that; it is about cultivating meaningful and rewarding relationships and growing spiritually. Odùgbemi was successful but at the expense of something more rewarding.

Òfún’gbè (aka Òfún Ogbè) is the Odù that revealed Ibi (off-path, setbacks) for this week; it speaks of potential legal and other conflicts that could create delays. You’ll need to navigate these challenges calmly and carefully so that you don’t generate opposition that will stop you altogether. Those of you with legal or financial problems should get a personal reading.

Ìkágbè (aka Ìká Ogbè) is the Odù that indicates that “success” is delayed this week; this Odù cautions you to temper your words and not respond in anger to people or make accusations. Ìká empowers you to act confidently and use your influence to seek success. However, we must always be careful with Ìká when the ready says Ibi (off-path) because it is a fiery and turbulent energy that must be channeled carefully and with good character. Otherwise, it can quickly turn wicked when others feel threatened and retaliate. The word "Ìká" literally means "finger," and note that culturally speaking, pointing your finger at someone is highly provocative and hostile.

Please make the following Ebó (sacrifice/offering) to Ọ̀sanyìn.

  • Mint as revealed by Òtúrá-Egúntán (aka Òtúrá Ògúndá). There's a need for spiritual cleansing and dispersing negative influences with aromatic herbs.

  • Place the mint on your Òrìṣà shrine for Ọ̀sanyìn. Keep it overnight, then remove it and use it to clean yourself of negativity; rub it around your head and body, then toss it in the trash can.


Have a good week!


General Reminder: When making any Ebó (offerings), always offer a taste to Èṣù first, who is the divine messenger and takes your prayers and offerings to their destination.


Blessings! … Oluwo Ifájuyìtán

"We talk to God through prayer; we listen through meditation."


The Ifá Foundation is dedicated to unlocking your life's potential through the timeless wisdom of the Ifá philosophy, which includes the veneration of ÒrìṣàAncestorsẸgbe Ọ̀rún, Orí, and Ìyáàmí (the primordial mothers.)


Through the spectrum of the 256 Sacred Odù, you will be guided on your destiny's path to grow from your life's experiences and ascend the spiritual ladder of Ìwa-Pẹ̀lẹ̀ (kind and gentle character.) Às̩e̩

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