October 17th – 23rd 2020

Dafá (Ifá Oracle Divination) revealed Ọ̀kànrànsodè (aka Ọ̀kànràn Ogbè) continuing with last week’s theme; however, this time it turned Ibi (off-path) as indicated by Ogbè Ìrosùn, and tensions remain high. We’re still struggling (Ìrosùn) to separate ourselves from the social and political discourse. Without the inner fortitude to resist the onslaught of negativity, we can’t maintain inner harmony to stay spiritually grounded.

Ọ̀kànrànsodè says much about how we deal with adversaries, whether in healthy competition or with those at cross-purpose from us (e.g., people that have different beliefs and objectives.) The indication of Ibi means that we’re getting bogged down in futile bickering that detracts us from our paths and only further alienate us from each other.

This is not to say that we should always avoid conflict; sometimes, we must defend ourselves or speak up for what’s right. However, being in a constant state of “fight-or-flight” depletes our energy. “A wise person always considers what situation merits their attention; a wise person always reflects on how their actions or inactions reflects Ìwa-Pẹ̀lẹ̀ (kind and gentle character).”

The area impacted is “victory over difficulties” as revealed by Òtúrá Mejì. This senior Odù came out last week for both destiny and the Orí (your consciousness); it shows that we couldn’t hold on to the Iré, which wasn’t strong as you may recall.

Òtúrá is a peaceful and gentle energy that's mainly concerned with our character's perfection. It does this by keeping us spiritually attuned to our destiny, but we must remain calm and grounded.

When an Odù comes out as a Meji (means twins or pairs), the external and internal energies are mirrored, so its influence is magnified. So, in the case of Òtúrá Mejì, when our temporal side achieves peace, our inner self will reflect the same. Once you are at peace, you will be able to overcome difficulties.

As I mentioned last week, we need to be more aware of the effect that other people’s bad character has on us to not sink to their level. At the very least, we should connect with our spiritual tools regularly to elevate our energy. As soon as we notice that our mood and attitude have turned dark, we should cleanse ourselves to purge the negative energy.

Trust that your Èṣù/Ẹlégbá will intervene when you truly need protection, so don’t feel that you need to get involved in every drama. Be mindful that you're not overreacting to someone who merely annoys you, and accept the fact that others think differently and move on.

Ọ̀kànràn appears on the right-leg of the Odù, which is our temporal side, what we’re consciously aware of at a given moment.

Ọ̀kànràn means “what flows from the heart (ọkan = heart),” a reference to your conscience. The presence of enemies or detractors in your path may irritate you, and you will be tempted to lash out at them in frustration and anger.

Ogbè appears on the left-leg of the Odù, the preconscious side that shows the potential of how we’re likely or should respond.

Ogbè is an expansive type of energy; it is like casting a bright light for everyone to see reality; be a good role model and lead by example.

Please make Ebó (sacrifice/offering) to your Èṣù/Ẹlégbá to realign you with your destiny, your purpose. You can always tell how far you’ve gone off your path by the quantity and quality of offerings required.

  • Epo Pupa (red palm oil) as indicated by Òtúrá-Oríkọ̀ (aka Òtúrá Ogbè) for confidence and determination.

  • Basil as an aromatic herb, indicated by Ìrosùn Òtúrá to keep things fresh.

  • Hot peppers indicated by Ìwòrì Ọ̀sẹ́ to overcome difficulties.

Additionally, connect with your spiritual tools and meditate regularly. Wear an Idé (bracelet) on your left wrist if you have one.

Reminder: When making any Ebó (offerings), always offer a taste to Èṣù/Ẹlégbá first who is the divined messenger and takes your prayers and offerings to its destination.
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Blessings! … Oluwo Ifájuyìtán
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