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June 10th – 16th, 2023


Dafá (Ifá Oracle Divination) revealed Ìwòrì Wòtúrá (aka Ìwòrì Òtúrá) for this week with Iré (on-path, good fortune) for destiny.

Think of "destiny" as a sort of navigation map imprinted on the crown of your head where the Orí (your consciousness) resides, a plan that leads to experiences that the soul desires for developing Ìwa-Pẹ̀lẹ̀ (kind and gentle character). Whenever "destiny" comes up in a reading, you should propitiate your Orí with some cool water; you can also use coconut or shea butter.

Being aligned with your destiny is a great blessing, but remember that Ìwòrì is a passionate and transformative energy that gives you much to think about; there's a tendency to overthink situations. So don't waste time worrying about what may or may not happen; allow Òtúrá on the emotional side to give you the peace of mind you need now. Preoccupations with family members, particularly children and the elderly, can disrupt your thinking. You are in Iré (on-path, good fortune), so relax; things will work themselves out.

Ìwòrì is associated with the eyes and our ability to see beyond what's in front of us. For example, the Ìkín (sacred palm nuts) we use in divination has four eyes (the dots on the nuts where it sprouts); one pair looks outwards, and another looks inward. The àdán (bat) and animals that hunt in darkness are born on this sign.

Òtúrá is the energy of harmony and peace, one that connects us spiritually to receive Às̩e̩ (life-force, blessings). Òtúrá helps keep us calm and amplifies our desires, so we always want to wish for good things and avoid negative thinking.

So Ìwòrì Wòtúrá is telling us that we’re having a moment of clarity and can see the direction that our lives should go. If we can stay calm, we can imagine our lives five, ten, twenty years from now and plan accordingly.

Ìwòrì Wotúrá is highly significant for someone on a spiritual path because it indicates that we're looking inwards (spirituality) and outwards (physical needs) in a holistic way, and this harmonious balance helps you advance your destiny. An ideal time to take another step in your spiritual growth, like initiating as a priest or seeking some form of spiritual enlightenment (e.g., starting a meditation routine or spending time at a retreat.)

The Yorùbá proverb reinforces the notion that lack of foresight creates problems for ourselves, "Igi wọ́rọ́kú daná rú; èèyàn burúkú bàsè jẹ́." (A crooked piece of wood scatters the fire.)

The reading for this week refers you to the following ẹsẹ Ifá (Ifá Divination verse) as the "take-away" wisdom.

"A crooked wood disperses the fire. A madman scatters his own home. This was the Ifá divined for the father snake and his children. He was told his children would never agree to unite to ward off an attack. If the father snake wanted them to unite, he must offer sacrifice: sixteen snails, pigeons, poison, and sixteen cowries. They refused to sacrifice."

One interpretation of the above ẹsẹ Ifá is that we need to see what our actions or lack of actions could bring in the future. If there are conflicts within the family, we should not let them fester; decide the best course of action and follow through.

Yemọja will be our guide this week, as revealed by Ògúndá Ìrẹtẹ̀.

Pronounced: yeh-maw-ja (ìyá=mother, ômô=child, eja=fish); “mother whose children are fish.”

Yemọja is the quintessential matriarch, the great mother who nurtures and protects you, loving you unconditionally. In her presence, you will feel you belong to something greater than yourself, like one of her symbols, the “school of fish,” who swim in unison. You are not alone; there’s help when you need it if you ask for it.

Òtúrá Mejì, the 13th Odù in seniority, revealed Iré (on-path, good fortune).

Ọ̀sá’gbè (aka Ọ̀sá Ogbè) indicates a blessing for destiny, providing you take some time off to recharge your energies and get a new perspective; this is because being overly temporal (e.g., overthinking) could lead to losing your spiritual balance.

Please make the following Ebó (sacrifice/offering) to your Yemọja.

  • Rosewater, as revealed by Òtúrá-Ìrosù (aka Òtúrá Ìrosùn).

Have a good week!


General Reminder: When making any Ebó (offerings), always offer a taste to Èṣù first, who is the divine messenger and takes your prayers and offerings to their destination.


Blessings! … Oluwo Ifájuyìtán

"We talk to God through prayer; we listen through meditation."


The Ifá Foundation is dedicated to unlocking your life's potential through the timeless wisdom of the Ifá philosophy, which includes the veneration of ÒrìṣàAncestorsẸgbe Ọ̀rún, Orí, and Ìyáàmí (the primordial mothers.)


Through the spectrum of the 256 Sacred Odù, you will be guided on your destiny's path to grow from your life's experiences and ascend the spiritual ladder of Ìwa-Pẹ̀lẹ̀ (kind and gentle character.) Às̩e̩

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