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Choose Your Sacred Society Circle Plan

  • Community Circle

    You are committed to learning Ifa & Elevating
    Valid for one year
    • Special Log-In To The Ifa Foundation
    • Access to the Ifa Foundation Free Library
    • Access to the Video Library
    • Access to the Weekly IfaScope
    • Access to the Monthly Icofa
    • IfaPrime Weekly Zoom Teachings-please subscribe
    • Included In Notifications of All Events
  • Co-Elevate Circle

    Every month
    Perfect Way To Elevate Your Ifa-ing
    • Community Circle Plus...
    • Members Only Area- Exclusive Access To Documents & Downloads
    • Access To V.I.P. IFAPRIME Zoom Audio Recordings
    • Monthly Co-Elevate Facebook Group With Inner Circle Priest
    • Name & Personal Odu included in Monthly Icofa Ritual
    • A Monthly Wisdom Focused Email Just For the Co-Elevators
    • VIP Access to the New Year Reading
    • 10 % Discount on Esu tools in the Spiritual Tools Store
  • Egbe Fire Circle

    Every month
    Ignite Your Spiritual Energy
    • Co-Elevate Circle Plus...
    • Monthly Sacred Egbe Fire Ritual with Nana Iyanifa Vassa
    • Plant or Chime Installed in your Name at Ola Olu
    • One Specialty Divination Session (Animal Totem, etc)
  • V.I.P. Sponsor

    Every month
    VIP Sponsors Provide Elevation To Others
    Valid for 12 months
    • Egbe Fire Circle Plus
    • Quarterly Divinations With Iyanifa Vassa Olufadeke
    • 20% Off All New Year Ebo Offerings
    • Private Ancestor Ebo/Offering Performed at Ola Olu
    • 1 Night Complimentary Stay with 2 or more Nights at Ola Olu

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