Icofa (hand of Orunmila)

A in depth look at the events for the month that will provide you with the greatest opportunities to enhance your life and achievements. See how to handle this in the best way possible... Oluwo Philip Neimark uses ancient Yoruba African divination to determine what energies are in play for the month.
This month's Icofa Reading is brought to you by our long time friend Javier Lujan {Ifajuitan}, an Osun priest and babalawo since 1998.


Icofa Reading for March 2017

Change is usually something that most of us struggle with from time to time and we need to be reminded that we cannot stay still in our lives, we must move on to the next experience, and it needs to come from within. If we’re reluctant to move on, outside pressure will build around us and change will inevitably come to us anyways and catch us off guard, and that’s the nature of why we struggle with change, because we’re no longer feel in control.

The reading for this month is “Osa Iwori” (Osa-Wori) and comes Off Path (“Otura Meji”).  Osa speaks of the need for change while Iwori speaks of the need for introspection to learn from experiences and transition. Because the reading comes off path, it indicative that we’re over-thinking it, basically we’re worrying about it, and worrying is negative thinking that’s not conducive to helping us stay on path. This is further emphasized by Otura Meji indicating we’re feeling frazzled, both internally and externally (what others see). When we’re frazzled (not grounded) we’ll find it more difficult to be successful (“Ofun Meji”) as it feels like we’re in a rollercoaster with little control over what’s happening.

There’s an old and endearing Pataki (story) associated with the Odu “Osa-Wori” that will help you understand how to make this right, it speaks of the importance of taking a “leap of faith and stop worrying!”

It tells the story of the “vulture” and the villagers that wanted to eat him as they ate other birds.  “Osa-Wori” was cast for the “vulture” who was told to make an Ebbo (offering) of Kola nuts to Eshu (Èṣù, Elegba, Elegbara, Echú), the divine messenger, to prevent his enemies from eating him. The worried vulture heeded the advice and placed the Ebbo to Eshu at the crossroads between heaven and earth.

The villagers who wanted to eat the vulture, pleaded with a shaman to go to heaven and ask Olodumare (God) if the vulture could be eaten like other birds. The shaman departed to heaven and on his way there he found the Kola nuts at the crossroads between heaven and earth, unbeknown to him that these were the Kola nuts that the vulture had offered to Eshu. The shaman took the Kola nuts to later give to Olodumare when he got to heaven. When the shaman arrived, he was so happy to be in heaven, Olodumare thank him for the Kola nuts and invited him to stay.

The worried vulture noticed that the Kola nuts were gone and asked Eshu if the Ebbo had been accepted, Eshu told the vulture, you’ll find your answer when you visit Olodumare, the vulture took Eshu’s advice and went to see Olodumare. While there, Olodumare offered the vulture some Kola nuts, the vulture recognized them as the same ones he had offered Eshu and proceeded to tell Olodumare his story and why he had made that Ebbo. Olodumare told the vulture to return to earth in peace, that his Ebbo had indeed been accepted. The villagers never saw the shaman again and thus never got their answer.

There’s a proverb that goes something like this…

If we don’t see the shaman, we cannot eat the vulture, the shaman is in heaven and the vulture is on earth.

The Ebbo (“offering”) for the month is “Omiero” (“Irete Meji”) to recharge and refresh the Ikin. The Omiero will create a balanced pressure (internally/externally) to bring about the changes you can handle. It will restore inner peace which will help you align back with your destiny (“On Path”).

Omiero” for those that don’t know, it’s made up of water with herbs.  You place them in a container, you can add a little bit of oil, liquor (e.g. rum, vodka) honey, and flower petals to it.  Pray over the Omiero, then cover the container with cling-wrap and place it out in the sun to energize. Pray over the Omiero, then after a few hours you can make the offering.  As far as the herbs, it is recommended that you use the “16 Ifa herbs” on the Ikin, if that’s not possibly you can look for fresh herbs. Light a tea candle and place a clear glass of cool water next to Orunmila, Take out the 16 Ikin in your hands, pray to Orunmila to guide you. Place the 16 Ikin inside the bowl with the Omiero to refresh and recharge. After a few minutes, you can remove the 16 Ikin, clean and place them back in your container, you can then refresh the remaining Ikin.  The water from the Omiero can then be poured in your garden outside to bless your home.
Love and Blessings!  Javier Lujan {Babalawo Ifajuitan}

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What is the Icofa?

People always want to know: "What is the purpose of receiving your Icofa?" The answer is: This single hand of Orunmila, which is EXACTLY the same for either men or women, is a direct conduit to the energy of the Orisa of divination.  The energy of Orunmila might be equated to the General Practioner in medicine - It is Orunmila's knowledge of all that was and all that will be, that imparts a tremendous insight and power to those connected to it.  Other Orisa are more specific in their areas of energy, more like the specialists in medicine.  Because Ifa is so intimately connected with balance in our lives, the energy and wisdom of Orunmila is essential to achieve this...for only this overview can place the various parts in their correct order.

As the years roll by, and they have definitely done so, I become more and more convinced that, other than dealing with those emergency issues of our life ( illness, legal problems, new job, new birth etc ), that we are best served by paying the most attention to the broader, longer range divinations that impact our lives.  First and foremost is your Life Path Reading, which is the template for understanding ALL future readings with the exception of Orisa or Ifa initiation. Second, would be the monthly indications of your Icofa.

Each month gives us an accurate idea of just how we should consider, act upon, and react to the events of our everyday life. Many times these events will seem to contradict those things we are attempting to do...but such is NEVER the case. These are the implications, in a broader sense, of the meaning of events as they impact, or could impact, your everyday life.