Icofa (hand of Orunmila)

A in depth look at the events for the month that will provide you with the greatest opportunities to enhance your life and achievements. See how to handle this in the best way possible... Oluwo Philip Neimark uses ancient Yoruba African divination to determine what energies are in play for the month.


Icofa Reading for July 2016

The Oracle speaks… and July is the month for us to get ready to let go of negative thinking and prepare ourselves to move forward to experience some really great new beginnings!

Through doing these rituals with our one hand of Orunmila created from the Icofa ceremony …we will enjoy a refreshing new attitude and feel re-energized to use the disciplined work to achieve more areas of balance in our lives now…

Start by carefully selecting fruit by holding each piece in your hand and getting a sense that this piece is part of the ebbo.  Tune in to each item you offer.  Open yourself up and let yourself feel the building of your connection for the alignment ahead.  Each thought that goes into your intention counts!

Gather where you can…fresh basil, rosemary and mint.  You can either go into your local marketplace, plant store or hopefully your own private garden.  Always thanking the plant for giving you a gift of a few leaves to use for this month’s Icofa ritual.

Set up a nice offering dish with all of the fruit and leaves and place a white votive candle on each side…and you are ready to begin.

After blowing your breath and saying your name and ODU path you received… (make you do that 3 times) into 16 of your ikin…then hold them up to your third eye…and state that you are opening the month of July with the energy matrix of Owanrin Ogbe. (This is what was cast for July by the Oluwo)

And be sure to express your gratitude for this month coming on path with the Odu of Ogbe Otura.

Now place the ikin down into the offering dish (filled with the fruit and leaves of the herbs) Create a way that the ikin are able to touch the offerings inside. Do your best to create a forward circular flow through the offerings while imagining your ikin are gathering the refreshing ashe from nature. 

Think of how the fruit brings sweetness and fuel and how the herbs invigorate you and raise your energy vibration from the aromas produced.  It’s all about refreshing your connection to the doorway of wisdom and knowledge through your spiritual teaching tool of the Icofa.  And how the Odu of Owanrin Ogbe will help you navigate the month with greater success.

We have great possibilities ahead to create more groundwork to build upon and create different outcomes with. We can be clearer and more discreet about how to best align our life path with what the universe is putting right in front of us to deal with.

It’s all about unlimited spiritual and emotional opportunities and we need to be prepared to move forward with them.  Ashe! (Be wise…and don’t let the shiny things distract you!)  Ashe!

The Icofa and Ifascope are now being co-created by Oluwo Philip J. Neimark and life partner of 33 years, Iyanifa Vassa, Olufadeke.  Obatala and Ogun, male and female… contributing to the whole. 


What is the Icofa?

People always want to know: "What is the purpose of receiving your Icofa?" The answer is: This single hand of Orunmila, which is EXACTLY the same for either men or women, is a direct conduit to the energy of the Orisa of divination.  The energy of Orunmila might be equated to the General Practioner in medicine - It is Orunmila's knowledge of all that was and all that will be, that imparts a tremendous insight and power to those connected to it.  Other Orisa are more specific in their areas of energy, more like the specialists in medicine.  Because Ifa is so intimately connected with balance in our lives, the energy and wisdom of Orunmila is essential to achieve this...for only this overview can place the various parts in their correct order.

As the years roll by, and they have definitely done so, I become more and more convinced that, other than dealing with those emergency issues of our life ( illness, legal problems, new job, new birth etc ), that we are best served by paying the most attention to the broader, longer range divinations that impact our lives.  First and foremost is your Life Path Reading, which is the template for understanding ALL future readings with the exception of Orisa or Ifa initiation. Second, would be the monthly indications of your Icofa.

Each month gives us an accurate idea of just how we should consider, act upon, and react to the events of our everyday life. Many times these events will seem to contradict those things we are attempting to do...but such is NEVER the case. These are the implications, in a broader sense, of the meaning of events as they impact, or could impact, your everyday life.