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Oluwo Neimark has been providing the Weekly Ifascope, at no cost, for over 30 years. 

weekly ifascope

The process of divination is to open the channels of communication between the meta-intellect of the Universe and ourselves. The skilled Diviner will utilize his or her experiential connection to this energy to tap into that ocean of knowledge for those that they are divining for. To be most effective, the energy should be a three way triangulation...Ifa priest, Client and Orunmila (meta-intellect). The Ifascope that the Foundation has presented each week for more than a decade, is a broader scope connection. The Ifascope is designed for a general understanding of the effective energy necessary for those that share our World View to most successfully navigate the path towards their fulfilling their Destiny. It is both accurate and effective - it will smooth the bumps and improve your life, but it is not meant to replace one on one divination. When serious issues of a career, love, health, children etc. must be dealt with, ONLY a one on one divination with a skilled Diviner can guarantee the right answers and solutions. At the Ifa Foundation, Oluwo Philip Neimark, Iyanifa Vassa and Oluwo Fagbami are available for personal divinations via phone, e-mail, or in person at our various workshops.

Each week I divine for the most probable path that will lead us towards our Destiny. These paths reflect certain energies that are indicated for us to successfully traverse the two sides of our energy matrix. While each energy applies specifically to either the temporal or spiritual/emotional components, do NOT make the mistake of thinking they are not interrelated.  Ifa, unlike the Western world view, never examines any situation without understanding and integration with the whole of our lives.


Oluwo Philip Neimark

Reading for week of June 25th, 2016

Tale of Two Cities 
I remember just a few weeks ago Donald Trump was on his roll…it seemed no one could stop the Juggernaut he symbolized. Some of his statements seemed farfetched…others…well, who knows? The specter of Old Hillary hanging around, but seeming unable to put it to together, with an unceasing successful barrage by equally old “Bernie standards” made it all into the huge uneasy figure growing bigger and more driven. What a way to figure it all out! 
With the following interesting series of casts…
A serious Idi Meji suggesting: that something larger was in store.  The pressure from both sides a new shape to the whole process of selecting our next leader. 
Through all of this the reading determines we will not stay stuck here but a positive solution with a whole new shape.  The knots will be untied and new birth will emerge and benefit each of us in a really great powerful way. 
And in the following casts…they also mirrored the direction of the pressure become great new opportunities.  
It’s the Odu Irete Meji that brings us into the higher position of SUCCESS
Sometimes it takes a certain of pressure for us to emerge higher into our evolution and to climb onto of what can seem like a place of stuckness. 
Bring a flavor of joy to create a balance from the daily rhetoric created by the reporters “casts” on our news …by going and meeting with our beloved Orisa Osun. Best place to make the offering of course is out on the edges of a riverbank. 
Form an alignment by dribbling honey into the water and saying the following prayers.   I begin with opening my prayer acknowledging Esu/Osun for opening the paths the roads for creating this opportunity of bringing more joy and flow into the success of my life. 
I am grateful to be able to access the powerful flowing energy of Osun to release any area of stuckness in my life that could deter me from achieving the higher level of success. 
With the connection being formed between the matrix of Osun and myself…may I be open to explore more ways of operating my life in a more natural flow.  And to develop a stronger sense of trust that wherever there is a twist and turn along my path this week ahead…that I will be able to remain buoyant and consistent in gaining momentum for movement forward.