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The process of divination is to open the channels of communication between the meta-intellect of the Universe and ourselves. The skilled Diviner will utilize his or her experiential connection to this energy to tap into that ocean of knowledge for those that they are divining for. To be most effective, the energy should be a three way triangulation...Ifa priest, Client and Orunmila (meta-intellect). The Ifascope that the Foundation has presented each week for more than a decade, is a broader scope connection. The Ifascope is designed for a general understanding of the effective energy necessary for those that share our World View to most successfully navigate the path towards their fulfilling their Destiny. It is both accurate and effective - it will smooth the bumps and improve your life, but it is not meant to replace one on one divination. When serious issues of a career, love, health, children etc. must be dealt with, ONLY a one on one divination with a skilled Diviner can guarantee the right answers and solutions. At the Ifa Foundation, Oluwo Philip Neimark and Iyanifa Vassa are available for personal divinations via phone, e-mail, or in person at our various workshops.

Each week I divine for the most probable path that will lead us towards our Destiny. These paths reflect certain energies that are indicated for us to successfully traverse the two sides of our energy matrix. While each energy applies specifically to either the temporal or spiritual/emotional components, do NOT make the mistake of thinking they are not interrelated.  Ifa, unlike the Western world view, never examines any situation without understanding and integration with the whole of our lives.


Oluwo Philip Neimark

 This week's Ifascope Reading is brought to you by our long time friend Javier Lujan {Ifajuitan}, an Osun priest since 1995, Babalawo since 1998, Oluwo since 2017.

Notice: The weekly Ifascope is usually posted weekly between Thursday and Friday evening.

Reading for week of December 8th - 15th, 2017

“Nature is my religion. The earth is my temple”.

Ifa teaches us that nature is not something separate from us, it’s part of us. If we don’t want to lose our way, we must constantly reconnect with nature and mother earth. It’s no different than the way you take care of your phone, it can only go so long before it must be recharged, or it dies. A quiet walk in nature will nourish, replenish and heal your mind, body, and soul, especially if you walk barefoot and actually touch nature. Note that while it may not always be practical to walk barefoot, you could simply take your shoes off and stand for a while on the grass, sand, or soil. If that doesn’t appeal to you, embrace a tree and feel the life inside, get your hands dirty with soil as you work on potted plants.

Orisha Oko is the keeper of the earth and speaks to us this week. Oko warns that we must take care of the earth or we won’t have the earth to take care of us in the future. It’s been such a challenging year for the earth, it continues to be neglected, abused and exploited. Many people and animals continue to be displaced by fires, hurricanes, floods, and war. So, each of us must do our part, no matter how small to take care of the earth, it could be as simple as coming to the aid of some plants and animals needing attention, planting seeds, picking up litter, etc. 

This week’s Odu is “Idi Otura” and comes Off Path (“Osa Ogbe”) for Destiny (“Otura Ogbe”). We’ll need to ask Oko (“Ogunda Ika”) to help us reconnect with nature and the earth so that we can re-align back to our destiny. Our health and well-being will greatly benefit from that.  Make an Ebbo (“offering”) of Corn (“Ose Ogbe”) to Oko in appreciation.

Light a white tea candle and place a clear glass of water, say a prayer to Oko, then place the corn in front of Oko altar if you have one, if not, in nature where animals can benefit from the offering. Then please do your part to help the earth heal.

Love and Blessings!  Javier Lujan {Oluwo Ifajuitan}

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Words of Wisdom...

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The world is forever changing, if we don’t change with it, we’ll get left behind.  Nothing sinister about that, it’s just the reality. The challenge of learning to adapt has always been with us since the dawn of time. Adaptation goes beyond survival, it allows us to thrive, so don’t resist change, embrace it. This week you’ll find yourself dealing with =unexpected changes which will make you feel uneasy and unsure of yourself. Itreally should be an auspicious time but we don’t see it that way because we’re too worry about what’s happening around us.