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Businessmen • women's Ifa

Written By: Oluwo Phil Neimark

When I first began to practice, almost 40 years ago, my clientele consisted of a rather nice mix. There were approximately 85% business men and women who had little, or no interest, in undertaking the study of a thousands of year old African Philosophy. What they wanted was results…results they were unable to get with their traditional methods. Certainly I felt that each and every one of them “could” understand that while I could “do things” for them, they were things I would rather have them learn, so they wouldn’t have to repeat my pulling them out of a self-inflicted jam. Some were interested. Others were not. It didn’t change my best efforts, except that I made it a point in my practice not to pull them out of their problem IF they had re-created it, depending upon the expertise of the “the Genie” to provide the energy AND the rationality to remove it. As for the rest, today, after almost 40 years many of these same clients continue to rely upon my divination, my solutions, and my guidance for them to have a better, more meaningful existence.


Certainly many have learned a great deal about Ifa, but the bottom line here is they have no desire to be Orisha priests, Babalawos or Iyanifa.  They have each taken the best parts that Ifa has offered and have gone on to live their lives interwoven with their own beliefs as well as the Ifa Worldview. 


I have often wondered if today’s priests have not adopted the concept of initiating everyone, because they lack the expertise to guide and change people’s lives. You see, the Ifa philosophy works, to a great extent, upon character. You must have the expertise, but you also must have the understanding and character of what it is you are trying to achieve. And, the “secret” of “secrets” is that once you lose your belief in understanding “why” things work, when you do them from rote, or memories, then you soon lose your ability to control the intent from which you proceed. There is one alternative left: Initiate the poor souls who seek your help with the false promise that once initiated, they can go on to do those things themselves.


This is not taking into consideration the 15% of the others. These are people that either come wishing to learn to navigate their families path, and their own, through their expertise as priest, Babalawo or Iyanifa, but who have no time, desire or expertise to work with the public; or those few that wish to explore the long and difficult task of amassing the wisdom and knowledge of Ifa to eventually work with and empower the public.

Either way it is our desire to identify, and to find the way of “tweaking” the Universe in a way that will shift the probability of failure, to the possibility of success. If it were not meant to be this way, the Universe would not have provided the instructions for accomplishing it. The Universe, however, has two rules regarding its happening.


The first is that the individual learn from the experience so that they have no reason to repeat it.

The second is to take their success and use the elements that it provides in a productive, meaningful fashion to improve their lives.  If you think this is what you want…and you have the wisdom to comply with the Universes rules, then our talents and expertise are available to you.

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