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Oluwo Fagbamila's 50th Year Ifa-ing

IFA Foundation Events

IFA Foundation Events

IFA Foundation Events
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The "Ifa.Pray.Love. Celebration Event

The "Ifa.Pray.Love. Celebration Event

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The Ifa Foundation Who We Are

The Ifa Foundation Who We Are

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Living & Leaving Your Legacy

Living & Leaving Your Legacy

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April 26-May 6 2019

We invite you to join us in celebrating the life of Oluwo Fagbamila (Philip Neimark).  Oluwo Phil started his journey in Ifa 50 years ago and has been a trailblazer in the Ifa Tradition World-Wide.

Celebrate Ifa Program Guide

April 26 - May 6 2019

We have a collection of Ifa & Orisa Priest & Priestess from around the world and a variety of ancestral lineages which will provide many various presentations, teachings, and examples of rituals.  This will be a truly healing experience each and everyday.  Please click below to learn about each presenter and their workshops. The 50th Celebration Event Program is also available to download and print.  

222 weekend.jpg

Weekend Special $222

May 4th & 5th 2019

Come and spend the weekend with us for special celebration and healing weekend.  Explore the Sacred gardens and meet some of our healers and engage with our spiritual community.  Nurture your spirit in nature.  Reserve your spot today

Detailed Program Schedule

April 26 - May 6 2019

(note that the days you cannot make it will be available on a DVD)

April 26th Friday 

  • Plan on arriving into Central Florida (Crescent City)

  • Friday is "YOUR personal flow day" to experience the Beach & the Sacred Gardens.

April 27th Saturday  

  • The Orisa Festivities begin- Opening up the sacred land of Ola Olu with a procession through all of the Orisa Gardens: making offerings, drumming, chanting, singing & dancing. 

  • Oluwo Fagbamilia will enlighten us with special messages and the Ifa Inner Circle Team Presenters will be threading in their wisdom as well.

  • Several of the Clinics and Workshops will start after lunch.

  • At Sunset- The giant Phoenix Bird Fire Circle is lit.  The Women of the Fire will lead you into shedding rituals and free what has been holding you from expanding your wings.  Connect with the spirits of the night and ignite your fire within.  (this will also take place the 2nd Saturday, May 4th.

April 28th Sunday

  • Oluwo Fagbamilia & members of the Inner Circle will take you inside the portals of Ela & Onile: performing rituals to open you into an inner-dimension where the wisdom of creation expresses itself, a very unique experience. Transformative! 

  • Baba Olefemi & Iyanifa Damilola will lead us in using their songs, chants, singing bowls and drums.

  • Several of the other Clinics & Workshops will start after lunch. 

  • We will celebrate the opening of the special area of the Obatala shrine to honor Oluwo Fagbamilia's life's work on this day and on the following Sunday for those coming later.  

  • "Sunset fire over water" rituals in the Egbe circle. Offerings, chanting, drumming, Pataki.

April 29th Monday

  • Begins a WEEK-LONG-COMBINATION to chose from:  Specialty Clinics. Workshops, Readings, Toolmaking,  Group Ancestral Ceremony, Reiki and Orisa Healings, Qi-Gong / Breathwork Openings inside the Orisa vortexes. 

  • Group Healing Sessions with Orisa of the Day

  • Earth Purification Rituals 

  • Water Purification Rituals

  • Empowerment Ceremonies..(The Inner Circle Team)




May 1st Wednesday


  • We are initiating & Crowning a very dear wise elder, Suzann. CEREMONIES will be held both on the shrine of Yemonja/Olokun and at the Beach. Come experience this amazing moment in her life with her. 

  • See what becoming Crowned your Guardian Orisa looks and feels like. 

May 2nd Thursday

  • We will also be opening an Empowerment Ceremony inside the Ori Destiny Garden. 

  • Experience what is possible. 

May 3rd Friday

  • In addition to the clinics... A special Osun feast!

May 4th Saturday 

  • New Moon Ancestor Rituals & Closing Fire Ceremonies

May 5th Sunday 

  • Quiet-Deep conversations set into the gardens with the Ifa Inner-Circle Members.

  • They will share sacred Ifa journeys that are possible living the path of Ifa.

May 6th, 7th, 8th - Stay for some custom Personal work - co-create with IyaVassa

Divinations sessions will be available... book early!
The Spiritual Tools Store will be open during the event as well.


The Celebration of Ifa-ing 50 Years Event is once-in-a-lifetime experience. 
This year has great meaning to all those who have walked into the path of Ifa in the U.S. Oluwo Philip Neimark has carved a-way-in for all to see through a worldview that the ancestors passed for him to share.  

These offerings can be enjoyed with you choosing your days.

*All of the Clinics and Events will be filmed to capture the teachings.  We will make these videos available. Those that book a 3-day experience will receive the Teachings DVD that will have all days of the event on there. For those that are not present...we will offer the purchase of the DVD separately for $150.

**Vegetarian lunch and dinner meals are provided.  Two fully stocked kitchens are on site at the Ola Olu Retreat.  All of the food will be prepared using organic materials.  Enjoy plenty of fruit, juices,elixirs and smoothies during your Ifa-ing Celebration Experience. Healing Soups, Nutritious Salads, Nut pates, Hummus, and many more delicious foods will be on the menu.  

Your Ifa-ing Pass will include all of the days' events, food, drinks and the Celebrate Ifa-Ing T-Shirt



The IFA-ing Pass Opportunities

Your Ifa-ing Pass will include ALL of the days' events, food, drinks and the Celebrate Ifa-ing T-Shirt.


Booking 1-day      $375      Couples: $655

Booking 2-days   $699      Couples: $1300

Booking 3-days  $999       Couples: $1500

Booking 4-days  $1100     Couples:  $1750

Booking 5-days  $1200     Couples:  $1900

For booking more…contact Iyanifa Vassa

Event Hotel: 
Hampton Inn Palm Coast
(20) rooms are reserved under “IFA”
for $99. per nt

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