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The 256 Odu Labyrinth at Ola Olu

The 256 Odu Labyrinth 

We welcome you to enjoy a day with us at the Ola Olu retreat and experience the benefits of being not only a “labyrinth walker” but being open to receive divine messages from you divine inner self.

The concept is around the idea of “Centering”. It is an
opportunity for you to connect-in more with yourself. It is also a way to connect with the sacred Ifa Odu’ you tread up the full arena of the 256. There is a special vortex in the labyrinth as enter the center. 

When you walk the “Labyrinth of the 256” at Ola Olu with intention...

You will be letting go of your inner obstacles...stress, sadness, negative thoughts,negative feelings, fears, and whatever distanced you from connecting purely inside your daily destiny path.


We Offer In-person Labyrinth Walks and Virtual Labyrinth Sessions.


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