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Nana Buuken

A true Nana is always creating an illuminated space for all divine good for her children to live in. She is constantly restoring the lives of her children... Always rising above each moment of time... into timelessness to truly see what is needed.  Circling and seeing what is the truth for balance and harmony.  And then delivering the messages of her Grandmother's wisdom to fill in that which is missing in the Universe.  Knowing a Nana.   Everyone would benefit from knowing which woman in the family is their special Nana.... but if that does not seem available or does not exist at present... one can reach out to another Nana already in a position of power.

Many people across the globe reach out to me, to be the Nana for them.  Men and women alike.  Any person in any level of connecting can have guidance from Nana.  This is not for a chosen few but for all children of the world.

There are many levels of healers that one can go to...but it is Nana to reach for...for the higher levels of concern.

It is that optimum place everyone can count on for support...and guidance...and most importantly...Protection!


Nana... The lineage of women that are fearlessly impacting the world and all her children in it... continuously! 

With the heartbeat of Nana drumming through our being...we hear the answers we are ready to hear inside each of our breaths.  Go gently Nana... for you have arrived a long time ago.

Being a Nana.   A true Nana operates silently most of the time.  She is always seeing what is needed and where necessary she uses her silent waters to remove all blockages.  She is a master at using her piercing eyes to see through all the veils... breaking down the shields to see the truth of Truth.


THE ROCK: The base, the heart.  THE DOME: The shelter for your special rock.  
THE STAFF: The Serpentine shape is your wand that stands as your guard against any harm. 
THE ILE OF NANA (PERSONAL HUT): Maintains the privacy and secrecy of Nana
THE ILEESHIN STAFF: The Tip is Never to be touched by a male. Very sacred to Nana
THE HORSETAIL WAND: Used to remove negativity 
BAMBOO KNIFE & THE ALLIGATOR JAW KNIFE: Nana pre-dates iron and uses a natural knife 
THE ESU/IYA/AJE: Connecting Nana energy from the deeps of the earth  
THE BROOM: To be used for sweeping away any negativity.  
THE TWO LARGE COWRIE SHELLS: Natural magnetic energy for healing  
THE BAOBAB TREE SEED POD:  From the African tree
THE NANA BRACELET: Worn by all in the Society.
THE NANA EARRINGS: Kokooi seed pods for added strength.


For additional information please contact Iyanifa Vassa by or call 386-214-6489

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