A "Step by Step" guide to Ifa.

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Experiencing the powerful Orisha energy in nature enhances the connection at the highest level. You transform just being there…restoring imbalances, aligning for success in all endeavors, empowering for your long term benefits and to see the world in a whole new way
Each Tool is designed to enhance specific Spiritual areas according to the exact specifications used in the Ancient Yoruba philosophy of West Africa. From Orisha necklaces to carvings from Nigerian Artisans. From Diviners tools to teaching tools for the new seeker
It is your birthright to be involved in Ifa equally. Character is the determinant. Every ceremony of empowerment is done with the utmost of integrity and good character with the intent to bring you the most incredible experience of a lifetime. All rituals are inside the Sacred Orisha Gardens and in harmony with nature.


Orisha & Ifa Community



Inside the Ifa Foundation






There are 4 elements to changing your life and they are: 

  1. Sacred Orisa Gardens
  2. Quality of information
  3. Ebbo
  4. Guided Intent 

"They have nothing to do with initiation".  

"They have everything to do with a better more fulfilled life". 

Over seven thousands of years ago, the Yoruba culture of Africa, began the creation of the philosophy of Ifa. It was designed to produce thoughtful thinkers available to the needs of its citizens. Priests and Priestesses had access to the knowledge, training, and understanding of the inherent growth and development the philosophy would have. They were trained to be ever vigilant for the growth which would usher in changes in the culture, economy, plant and animal life, political freedom etc. It was an oral tradition, much like an ever expanding encyclopedia. The tools of the Priest and priestess were the sacred ikin, a member of the Palm Nut species, and the oral tradition of the Sacred Odu which each priest or priestess utilized to bring forth the cosmic energy and intelligence that pertained to the individual they were consulting for. It existed like this for thousands of years.... !

The mechanized, industrial world began the corruption of this perfect system. Once trained guides of the population, the priests and priestesses lost their connection to the Divine and became adherents of recitation, not connection. The Ifa foundation, in existence for 35 years, has reversed this process, and now offers the four elements to those that seek their guidance. !

It all begins with the Sacred Orisa Gardens. Once part of the Africa Landscape, today our divine connection relies on the work and expertise of those who have spent thousands of hours, and over 20 years of their life's, in obtaining and nurturing the African plants; accumulating remaining knowledge; and the creation of the more than 40 connective points for the sacred odu and the Orisa that inhabit them. 

ONLY, through this reality can the trained priest or priestess once again tap into the divine consciousness and reliably relate the solutions for those seeking knowledge. !

With this knowledge the recipient can be directed exactly what to do and when and how to do it.  It is no longer one recipe for many…but rather a solution which intertwines with the matrix of the individual to provide the guided intent necessary to achieve the purpose.

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