icofa/manoarula (hand of Orunmila/Arula)

The Icofa Ceremony for connecting directly to the energy of Orunmila/Arula allows you to understand the meaning of, and placement of, the individual events of your life in their proper place in the puzzle of your Destiny.

As with every Ifa tool we make at the Ifa Foundation, we would prepare your One-Hand-of-Orunmila, Icofa at a time where a group of Oluwo's, Babalawos, and Iyanifa's join their forces with the Igba Iwa and the Nana Buuken energies to form an alignment at the highest position for the creation of this tool. Therefore it is not possible for you as a non-initiate to be present during this event.

For those that follow our world view about Ifa, you would then understand that energy has no boundaries, it is virtually limitless. You, yourself would have nothing to do with the creation of activating the Ikin in such a powerful way for your later use. Only initiated Priests of Ifa can be involved in this level of work. It takes a lot of skill from those that are trained at the highest level to work with Orunmila's energy in this way.

As a Priest of Ifa, we are working with "two hands" of Orunmila so you can understand the level of value that "one hand" offers.

Having the your personal Ifa Tool, will enable you to deepen the level you "connect" on, in order to realize the deepest access to the energy of "wisdom and knowledge". This is very important. With this, you can know
more.have more answers.make better decisions.and make fewer mistakes.

Each set of Ikin that we provide you with (from this type of ceremony) will be consecrated during this  high  level of ceremonial work with Orunmila and on the third day afterwards.we will prepare your personal  One-Hand-of-Orunmila to be able to divine your specific path n your connection to Orunmila/Arula.

This Icofa Path Reading is one of the most important ones you will have in your lifetime. It is a huge look at how you "should be" operating in life. It is your filter, your direction and your blueprint to the understanding
necessary to enhance your life.

You will receive a specific Odu that will be important for you to always remember. You should keep this in the back of your mind daily while you move through life's currents!

One can receive this Ifa Tool before or after an Orisa Priest Initiation. It is usually received after someone has connected with their Esu energy.

When your package arrives, you will see there will be: a layout of your Divination and what that entails, the Prayer to Orunmila that you may use each morning as well as when you do your monthly offerings, a complete list of offerings that we recommend using as well as their purpose so you understand more about what you are doing, a Certificate of Authenticity with your name and the date for future reference, as you will want to check in annually for a recharge. An Ide to be worn on your left wrist as to ensure you do not pass before your time, a wooden disc with the name and layout of your Odu so that you may have it readily available when you work with them, a small rock that is your Esu that resides with Orunmila, 18 Ikin and last but not least, instructions to teach you how to work with this valuable tool. It is most important that you work with your Icofa tool at least once a month, and pray daily to Orunmila.

You will understand where to position it in your home and how to welcome it into your life as well as how to care for it on a regular basis.

We also encourage communication after your receive your tool, asking us about any type of questions you may have after receiving it.

ONCE A MONTH, THE FIRST OF EVERY MONTH. THE OLUWO PERFORMS A DIVINATION THAT PERTAINS TO ORUNMILA FOR ALL THOSE THAT HAVE THEIR "ICOFA". THIS IS POSTED ON THE IFA FOUNDATION WEBSITE IN THE AREA TITLED MONTHLY ICOFA. This will enable all those with their Icofa Ifa Tool to continue learning more about how the energy of Orunmila works with our lives. The special reading that the Oluwo will share each month will be an indication of what the month's vibrational tone will be like and how to best prepare for it. A suggested offering will be included

For additional information please contact Iyanifa Vassa by clicking here or reaching us toll free at 1.800.906.4322