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Destiny Ceremony - "The Ori" Connection  

This is the most sought-after Ceremony the Foundation offers.  It is unfortunate that most of our families in this country did not raise us considering understanding what our Destiny is. That word may not have even existed in many households sadly enough.

100's of years ago in Africa (no longer today with the Christian influences) families divined and supported what the truth of a child's path was to be. It would begin with their Third-Day Life Path Reading or Itefa.

Here in this country and many Western countries, we have lost connection with this way of thinking. And with such a breakdown in family life along with enormous abuse both physically and spiritually, the continual bombarding through t.v magazines, etc., urging us to short-term-gratifications, there is a lot of repair work needed in order to get someone back to their true Destiny path.

This Ceremony offers one of the most life-shifting experiences possible! The effects are felt immediately!

What we have found through our many years of involvement with the Ori work is that it is as if past scars are wiped away and the blockages that were there prior, are removed! This allows that person to begin again as a totally empowered, directed, and connected person that can plug themselves into their life as it should have been.

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